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...But Then What Happened? (Collaboration)

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"I felt like 'my' last comic wasn't taken very lightly in the palace, as just days afterwards I received a letter titled:
The quest in question was about retrieving a long-stolen magical trinket that barely anypony still remembered - or needed - anyway. I should have known that taking those seemingly cool few extra courses in battle magic at school would come back haunting me. The silver lining on this cloud was that I could pick one companion for this by myself. The bad news was that there would be no additional help - the reason for this could have been that either the quest would be incredibly easy, or that the quest would be incredibly dangerous."

So this is a collaboration where I did the outlines and my friend amalgamzaku did the colours. The overall idea and our characters' outfits were designed by both of us. Definitely came out very nicely in my opinion, it's interesting to see your drawing style presented in a different way and maybe you always learn something from these. If you want to pay a visit, maybe read some more about it, here is his version of this picture.

Here's what it looked like after my turn:
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The dragon stared down at them. And then, from its throat rumbled this question:

"Do you have permission to enter this place?"

The knight and the wizard looked at each other. None of them do. But what the heck, it may be worth a shot...

"W-well, yes! But w-we kind of left t-them behind at home, yeah!" The knight stuttered a bit, sweating a bit as well.

"We could go back and get them, but it's a long walk there and back!" The wizard added, gingerly. "And it's late as it is. Come on, big guy, you don't want to make a hassle out of it at this hour yourself, right? We all make mistakes, and need to take a break sometimes, right?"

The knight and wizard collectively gulped as the dragon snarled, growled, with smoke coming out of his nostril...
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Great! That sure is something that might have happened!

"My pet ate it" would also be a good option to say, as long as the pet isn't some kind of a dragon...
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good draw, good coloring collab too!
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this is a typical D&D session! XD

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A really cool collab indeed! :D
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Reluctant Dragon happened.
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Well, better hope so :o (Eek)
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You know what that is right?
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That's what I assumed.
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I meant like you know what 'The Reluctant Dragon' is?
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So you do, maybe this one's a good dragon.
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Yeah, that's always the better option.
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Very cool, I love it
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