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5 Things You Didn't Know About Shining Armor (C)

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This was a collaboration with Rated-R-PonyStar, who wrote it and I drew the pictures. The "good Chrysalis" design was very much inspired by JaDeDJynX's brilliant Reformed Chrysalis. One thing I've noticed is that the new set of pencils I bought a couple of months back has proven to be pretty rubbish - I've spent a big chunk of time just trying to sharpen them without breaking the tips.

Here's how the sketch looked like...
...and here is the textless version for translators.

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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Considering the guard never do anything useful during a crises, he must go to a lot of funerals.

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Well, it may not be easy to appear useful when you aren't a major character ;P

But of course he could've slipped on a banana peel, for all we know.

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:b I have stumbled upon something both wonderful and disturbing. Yay. :3
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Thanks I guess! Maybe as an artist I've done something right when it brings up such different feelings :shrug:

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Oh, I was just trying to be funny. It’s really good. c( ;
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I wish there was a comic book about number three.
I would love to read that one.
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Well, here's one panel - the rest could be up to imagination.

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Flash Recycle (1) Icon Shining

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Flash sez always recycle your waifus! Whatever that means.

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"Shining Armour doesn't know Flash Sentry has a crush on him"

I'd never thought about it before, but I can get behind that idea! =P

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Flash figured it's not wise to bet everything on just one horse.

...and with Shiny being of course completely oblivious to all this, it sounds like some good old mess in the making.

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I'm not sure if you've ever seen the Frasier episode 'The Matchmaker', but that's how I'm imagining it playing out.

If not, highly recommended. Probably the best portrayal of the classic trope ever.

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I remember watching Frasier quite a lot back in the day and a little more lately too, but I didn't have a memory of that episode before I looked it up. Comedy based on misunderstandings like that really is some of the best around.

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#1: Insert jealous girlfriend meme here


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Now that would've actually been a neat idea :thumbsup:

Actually not that far as it is, just a different angle... and Cadence doesn't notice.

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Flash, you know Shining's not going to like it if he finds out you were only dating his sister to get to him.

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I can hardly imagine anything more awkward than what a meeting between those three would be like after that!

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I'd like to see more about Cadance becoming a villain in jealousy.

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Could be an interesting story.

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