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wings tattoo

teh angel wings.

original idea was from [link]
by kaimana :iconkaimana:
by far the best wings ive seen for a tattoo design
ended up letting the tattoo artist turn it into a more feathery looking set of wings and the end result was ...perfect
kudos to the original artist and the tattoo artist :)

i love my wings!
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Apr 12, 2008, 8:58:18 AM
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awn that's lovely!
if you got some time, please check mine!
here [link] and here [link]
Would look alot better without all those zits on your back
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wow thanks for being an asshole.
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Looks aswesome! ^^
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Out of all the wing tattoos I've seen I think I like this one the best. If I ever get a tattoo I would like this one. :D
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same crow wing lover here
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Oh these are gorgeous! The original design is beautiful as well as the tattoo artist's version. I do have a question though. How painful was it to get the wings? My 16 *sigh* year old niece is getting an angel wings tattoo similar to this when she goes up to her dad's and she has limited -if any- pain tolerence.
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tattoos generally hurt. it really depends on ur pain tolerance. mine hurt pretty bad but at the time i was really tired and hungry. my friend says her tattoos tickle she has a different pain tolerance. different areas of the body change too so the upper back isnt bad compared to the lower back..ouch. a good tat is worth it tho :) have her eat a nice meal b4 going and it is easier if u relax cuz its worse when ur muscles tense up. <3 love and luck

might wanna be sure she doesnt wanna wait a lil longer? her body is still growin at 16 and look could change a lil in time. told my 16yr old bro to wait til hes past 18 to see if hes gettin any taller/muscular at all so it wont change.
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Whoops I missed the comment already asing that. Nevermind. lol
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lol and i missed this one ;p lol!
lol im waitn to find out if i just want the sherede wing stumps or not???
xEvilDuckyx's avatar
you could do one wing and one shreaded?
yeah thatd be purty cool lol feeling good yeah thats theshittt n cute hair
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hey thanks for sharing this amazing piece of art on your back. i have wanted wings on my back for so many years and only now am i actually starting to see if i can look for some designs. i have never been partial to the folded wings since they make me feel a bit sad since they will never be able to spread and fly (weird reason but yeah). i havnt seen a lot of people actually have good open wings, but you definitely do and it makes me even more eager to get some of my own
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they are a good thing to think about when ur feeling down :) they always make me feel just a tad stronger than i used to be <3 hope u find your wings too
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they look off center :Z
xEvilDuckyx's avatar
yea...they are
but im an off center kinda girl so its more me now i guess :3 lol
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wow... those are beautiful! They turned out really well. If you don't mind me asking, how bad did it hurt you to get them? I've been asking a few ppl b/c I'm going to get them this summer ^^
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