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Merry Christmas who ever you are reading this journal! Hope you guys have a good one! :happybounce: 

Short Break
I think this has become a pattern, I'll make and upload 2 or 3 deviations then I'll take a break...just because.
This time though I'll be back sooner...right now, I'm just enjoying holidays with my family and my imaginary friends. I promise I'll upload more next year. I am a dummy! 

7th Daily Deviation
I know it's late but..yeah, I got a DD on my work Epiphany. This is like an early Christmas present for me(the only one too Grump).
I just want to thank the super awesome ErikShoemaker for suggesting and the super gorgeous AbbeyMarie for featuring it. Huggle! 

I'm tired of making photomanipulations with my mouse so...I think I'll go get myself a tablet finally. Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. 
I don't even know why I waited this long. Maybe because I'm lazy, I mean I don't really know much about tablets so I gotta do research on what tablet to buy, go to the store or wherever it is bought, choose what design/model I want if there's just seems like a lot of work. Nuu 
Anyways, getting a tablet for me is like installing chrome for the first time after using IE for years. It's like you thought IE is not that bad until you use a different browser that's not named IE, then you realized it could be better. I'm just so excited to start working with a tablet. :squee: 

Thank you all my watchers, thank you so much...the support I get from you on every deviation I upload is overwhelming. I may not reply to all your comments but I assure you that I read all of them and I really do appreciate them.
Cause I know I'm not the best here, but just reading those comments is enough for me to feel good about my, having someone you don't know appreciate what you do, that's priceless. 
Special mention to these awesome people who has been very supportive:
and many more, sorry I can't remember all of you(typing this at 4 am lol). 
Also special thanks to ryky for featuring me on his journal. He's so awesome! La la la la 

I think that's all for now. I don't know why I'm making a journal, I'm not even famous...but yeah! see you guys soon!

BTW I like emotes a lot as you can I'll end this journal with an emote  
:hump: <--- dafuq is this ?