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OS X Yosemite Custom Icons

By Xethoz
OS X Yosemite custom icons in .png and .icns. 

UPDATE: tweaked the icons a tad AND made icons of different sizes to fit list/column view. (TOOK MUCH LONGER THAN ANTICIPATED) 0.0 

Available folder icons:
1. Dropbox
2. Fonts
3. Games
4. Icons
5. Magazines
6. School
7. Screenshots
8. TV Shows
9. Videos

© 2014 - 2021 Xethoz
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Please make it able to download ;o)
Hey these look great, any chance on a tutorial/walkthrough type thing on how you made them? Could be really useful.
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Nicely done, very clean.. Your icons are the only ones I can find with optimized sizes... I use 32px almost exclusively and its inconsistent when used with other packs that aren't optimized and are blurry at 32px. It would be a lot to ask for optimized versions of home folders so I won't lol... Awesome job on these though :D 
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Do you take requests?
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These are so close to matching the actual Yosemite color but its gonna trigger my OCD. Just like a shade darker than the actual Yosemite folders :( Slight Color Difference Shown Here
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Great job, for now you're the only one who takes care of the 16x16 size icon, which I use the most. Will you add more icons such as mhhh...
Books, Windows, Space Invaders, €, iTunes, Sol key, Paragraph, Quarantine, Time Machine, Temporary, for example :3
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It's possibile to have the Photoshop CC file of the last folder icon, the folder with text? I have an idea to use it for create personalized  folder by name for my specific use like "RAW"
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Sure! Do you need files of only one size or multiple sizes? And how am I going to send the files to you?
Can you give the file to me too???
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For the size it's not a problem I use IconCompose, you can simply upload the bigger size. Can you include the file in the Zip download? Thank!
Amazing! Thank you!:)
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Hmmm, it's quite apparent that I can't update the archived file anymore... it keeps saying "deviantART does not allow archives which contain executable files, password protection, or other archives." frustrated(Also tried to re-uplaod the original file) Anyone who wants the two new icons (Steam & OneDrive), just request them from me.
Very nice, again I can replace a few "old style" folders on my Yosemite machine ;-) I am still looking for a OneDrive folder, could you maybe add one of those?
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How can I send the OneDrive folder icon to you? Maybe send me your email address or something? (Don't worry, I will not send a virus; don't even know how to create one)
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Okay... here's the thing.... I tried to re-upload the archived file with the two new icons but it says "deviantART does not allow archives which contain executable files, password protection, or other archives." What to do......????????
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Nice~ fits with the overall design of Yosemite
But can consider optimise them for us "List/Column view" users Nod 

[Update] Nice! Optimised for list/column views. Thanks!
PS: the 1024x version of the Dropbox icon has a bit of aliasing around the edges...
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Okay.. I tried dragging my .png files onto one of the images in the .icns file, but the dragged images become .tiff files instead. If anyone has an idea of how to change a particular image in an .icns file, please do enlighten me. 
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Will try to.... But it is way too tedious to do so!
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