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Wario's WAH If...?

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As we celebrate the release of Wario Ware: Get it Together, let us ponder the question, "WAH If...?"
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You forgot the Wario 64 Creepypasta.. but other than that its a great Art, God job

Mean Wah-le in a parallel universe:

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wario land 8

wario land 8

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this is so WAHnderful nice work

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Oh man this is awesome! 🤣

Wario: I am The Wah-tcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities. Follow me and dare to face the unknown, and ponder the question... Wah if?

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Wario Wah If: Into The WarioVerse

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This arwork is one of your greatest achievements.

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that the spoof of marvel what if?

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Wah if wario took place as nintendo's mascot?

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Wah if... Zombified Wario.

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I’m surprised there’s no reference to that scrapped Donkey Kong Country where Wario was the main antagonist.

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My “Wah if…”s

Waluigi becoming Wah-Boy, Wario-Man’s sidekick

Pyoro in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a newcomer character

Mona as a Princess

Captain Syrup being the co-star of Warioware

Waluigi makea a partner company with Warioware called Wah-Works!

Waluigi as a playable character in Smash Ultimate

Syrope Daisy

Waluigi being player 2 in Wario Land series

Waluigi getting his own games

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God Wario God Wario

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Look how much faster it takes to select Wario!

List of "Wah If..."s

Wario Land continuation

Risky Boots as a princess

Wahrlet Wario

Wario in Melee

Deadpool Wario movie poster

Super Wario Bros. Super Show!

Mario Kart Double Dash with easier Wario selection

Ashley and Red in The Owl House's style

Wario-Man as All Might

Yoshis finding Baby Wario instead of Baby Mario

Waluigi as Wario's Warioware co-star

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I’m pretty sure #2 is actually Captain Syrup from the Wario Land series.

Got them mixed up

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I see one of those alternate universes makes it faster to select Wario in Double Dash!!

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