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Super Smash Styles Lite x Nickelodeon Part 3

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A mini series I'm doing! Think of this as a Super Smash Styles Lite where I'm just drawing all the female Smash Bros fighters only in Nickelodeon art styles each Saturday!
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I Love How Wii Fit Trainer Turn Out The Best.

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“It’s a workout journal, not a diary!”

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Wait, Yoshi should be Grup the dragon because his appearance was same as Grup!

Nice work!

Check these out they are yours:

Check them out.

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Great work!

The Might B! one is my fav. I don't often see a lot of The Mighty B! fanart.

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Nice job replicating the art styles. I like the Mighty B! one the most. :D

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I wonder if he can make The Female Smash Bros Fighters Only in Cartoon Network Artstyles, I really like to see some Female Smash Bros Figthers Only Characters in The Mr. Men Show Style! ^^

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Nice to see you took my advice for Wii Fit Trainer! I'd kinda like to see Lucina in the style of As Told by Ginger or The Wild Thornberrys.

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can't wait to see the rugrats version

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Very excellent

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Not bad! I was expecting Rosalina and Luma in the Fairly Oddparents style, but I found out that you already did that, sadly! Kinda interesting to see that they're in the Invader Zim style this time!

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Next you can made: R.O.B in Fullmetal Alchemist Style, Ridley in Kid vs. Kat Style, Link in The Seven Deadly Sins Style and Kirby in Hunter X Hunter Style.

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I believe he’s only doing Nicktoon styles at the moment.

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Is okay, One day i can waited to see these styles.

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Next up, Mario or Luigi in Sanjay and Craig style

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Oh yeah Rosalina is a badass in Invader Zim's style!

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Earned yourself a fave for Invader Zim x Super Mario Galaxy alone!! Rosalina might seem like an intelligent, benevolent space princess, but who knows what she and her Lumas are plotting behind the scenes...

Anywho, brilliant work on this!!!

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I kinda like Trainer in Doug style. ^^

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I love this!! You captured each style with the characters beautifully!! I especially love the designs for Leaf/Female Pokémon Trainer, Female Villager, Wii Fit Trainer (the style of Doug fits her so well), and Mii Gunner!

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