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Super Smash Styles Lite x Nickelodeon Part 2

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A mini series I'm doing! Think of this as a Super Smash Styles Lite where I'm just drawing all the female Smash Bros fighters only in Nickelodeon art styles each Saturday!
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I hate The X's because I seen it too many times. I want to forget about it like an average person would.

Arathuss17's avatar

Hello, can you draw some smash girls but With spongebob and Ren and Stimpy style?

murphase2's avatar

I didn't know you were still at it. This is awesome!

Request, Marshal, Cam, and Miss Ribbon in Rocko Style

derkman's avatar

Girls only?

joseph337's avatar

Cant wait for more

PrincessBeautiful's avatar

Who will you do next? I have so many ideas: Marth in the style of Doug, Rosalina in the style of As Told By Ginger, Mario in the style of Hey Arnold and Luigi in the style of Sanjay and Craig.

MikeyDoomerzilla's avatar

Samus in the X's looks so cool.

cl0wnc0r3's avatar

Avatar Lucina and ROTMNT Sheik just feel right. like they were meant for those styles.

PLCTheCd's avatar

I love the Pichu one but the Fire Emblem one is the best

S-Cabbage's avatar

Spikey-eared Pichu is here!

TGC189's avatar

I'm digging her in that Avatar style

YoshiEmerald's avatar

Wonderful choice all around

nickolascollins1's avatar

Do Link In Welcome to the Wayne Style and Yoshi In Pig Goat Banana Cricket Style

DnMStarsi's avatar

He's doing styles he prefers, dude.

sinpirate2012's avatar

Could you do Greninja in Amphibia style?

MrTyeDye's avatar

Amphibia is Disney, not Nickelodeon.

sinpirate2012's avatar


I'm just asking for Greninja when he does the Disney version of this template.

RegRoachFangirl's avatar

I hope you do Incineroar in Catscratch style next Saturday

TGC189's avatar

That be nice

Juliefan21's avatar

Danny Phantom for next Saturday.

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