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Super Smash Styles Lite x Nickelodeon Part 1

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A mini series I'm doing! Think of this as a Super Smash Styles Lite where I'm just drawing all the female Smash Bros fighters only in Nickelodeon art styles each Saturday!
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Love the El Tigre one.

TGC189's avatar

That's a genius idea

MikeyDoomerzilla's avatar

El Tigre Pikachu looks awesome.

pookiesaurus4's avatar

Peach looks so cute in the Loud House style.

JambaChan's avatar

Oh man, Making Fiends was one of my favorite Nick series as a kid

LEspion68's avatar

Peach looks the best, the Loud House style suits her

bloop284's avatar

breadwinners jigglypuff looks very bad

OzEgo's avatar

Ah yes every artist likes hearing someone thinks their art is bad with no actual helpful criticism :/. Think before you comment. If its not nice or helpful, don't bother saying it.

bloop284's avatar

i think this reply is bad

MikeyDoomerzilla's avatar

While it's my least favorite of the 6, I don't really hate it, it just looks a little dirty compared to others.

Daisy and the rocket power art style DO NOT mix!

Watterstron56's avatar

Inkling Girl X SpongeBob SquarePants

Female Villager X Rugrats

Wii Fit Trainer X Doug

Wendy X Ren & Stimpy

Female Pokemon Trainer X Hey Arnold

Rosalina X The Fairly OddParents

Isabelle X T.U.F.F Puppy

Bayonetta X Ahhh! Real Monsters!!!

CoDXros3's avatar

Breadwinners Style is S**t!

bloop284's avatar

i don't dislike the style of breadwinners, i just don't like their attempt at doing it

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Clover-Indigo's avatar

Does that mean you'll do another series with all the male characters in the style of various Cartoon Network shows?

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JohnnyBravo-van's avatar

Zero Suit Samus x Danny Phantom, Pyra/Mythra x Glitch Techs,

OmegaMorph's avatar

Somehow Making Fiends passed me by entirely and I started hearing more bout it in hindsight.

BaratheThornNinja's avatar

Daisy fits the Rocket Power style. Not just with the art, but her character.

  1. I'm not mad, even though when I start my version of this Super Smash Style trend, Daisy would also be in the style of Rocket Power.

  2. How about Isabella × Tuff Puppy, Pirahna Plant × Pig Goat Banana Cricket and Wendy of the Kooplings × Ren & Stimpy?

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