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Super Smash Styles- 52 Hammer Bro x Rise of TMNT

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Ayyee! Back at it again with the Assist Trophies! Here's Hammer Bro in the art style of Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
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PMiller1Hobbyist Digital Artist

So what left are:

Skull Kid




Devil (forgot about him)

Dr. Wright

Dr. Kawashima

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Nice art although I wish everyone else would shut up about the '03 and '12 TMNT shows for once.
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Agreed 100%

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froakiepaintStudent Artist

Hey xeternalflamebryx, you give me tips on how to draw in that style (In other words, Rise of The TMNT style?)

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EzonyNew Deviant
Cool man
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I wish they stuck with the '03 series and its offshoots a little longer. I'd have loved to have seen the "Battle of the Three Shredders" hinted at in the start of "Back to the Sewer" played out.

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Nah even better, don't be obsessed with the '03 turtles so much since that's all you ever care about.
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CheddarVGHobbyist Writer

I guess this is blursed, or something.

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victorialampiniHobbyist Digital Artist

Try Master Hand and Crazy Hand Shel Silverstein style.

LOL. Just an idea.

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IhzzeekerStudent Filmographer

Try making


Him Vanossgaming


Him Moo Snuckel


Her iHasCupQuake




Him H2ODelirious


Him Ohmwrecker (With the Omega Blindfold and Bunny Onesie)

My summer Mangatar

And Him (Me) Daithi de Nogla

If you can do that, Thank you so much!!

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AmoebaGaglessHobbyist Traditional Artist

Malnutrition hammer bro

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AtomicHero100New Deviant
Kat & Ana
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Can we all agree that this was the worst TMNT artstyle?

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Have you seen The Next Mutation?

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This is not right.

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Guess what, nobody cares if you hate it.
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Fine. I like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was hoping for a Samurai Pizza Cats style of Hammer Bro.

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AlfredRebootStudent Interface Designer


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gustavo14gntProfessional Digital Artist
Playstation all styles parappa the rapper x bonkers in Disney
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Actually, come to think of hit, I have a question for you. Is Parappa the only Playstation All-Style you'd be looking forward to? After all, if he actually DID Parappa, he'd likely have to do all the others, too.

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Can't you at least wait until he's done with Super Smash Styles? Besides, the last couple Playstation All Styles he did were part of an April Fools Day joke.

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gustavo14gntProfessional Digital Artist
I say is not april fools
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Then clearly, you didn't see the descriptions for Kratos, Sly or Kat. They CLEALY state that the pictures are April Fools jokes.

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