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Super Smash Styles- 11 Cpt Falcon x Batman

Here's Captain Falcon in the art style of Batman The Animated Series! I'm going to draw every Super Smash Bros Ultimate character, each in their own animated art style from different cartoons, movies, ect. I'll be choosing styles I feel fit the characters or find it interesting.
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This is beautiful. I main Captain Falcon and I love DC cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series so this is a match made in heaven.

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Yep. I even had a dream or two of Batman teaming up with Captain Falcon via an episode from the animated series.

SpoopyMoth's avatar

That is so cool.

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Thanks! I don't remember much but all I know was that it was set around Season 4, Black Shadow and Falcon were in Gotham resulting in another yet minor Phantasm Incident, Bruce meets up with the Captain as Douglas Jay Falcon, the two at one point have a bit of a brawl until Black Shadow re-enters the picture (somehow), the two form an alliance resulting in a final battle with an upgraded Batmobile and the Blue Falcon against the Black Bull and then afterwards, Batman bids farewell to Captain Falcon which makes him open up more to the idea of working with others (which would lead to him working with the Justice League).

SpoopyMoth's avatar

Sounds promising.

DnMStarsi's avatar

Again, thanks.

Because I'm Captain Falcon!

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BatmaaaaN punch

StarGalaxy183's avatar
To the Falcon Mobile!
Darkvader2016's avatar
I’m justice, I’m awesomeness, I’m Captain Falcon!

Show me your moves.
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That reminds me of the og teen titans
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Even Bane fears the Falcon Punch.
JefimusPrime's avatar
I am vengeance

I am the knight

Darkvader2016's avatar
And I’m Batman!
JefimusPrime's avatar
MicmonJorensFigs's avatar
Bruce Timm's proud of ya dude.
Driew-B's avatar

It's the car, Cap. Chicks love the car.

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This is why Samus Aran works alone
monstermaster13's avatar
I could have easily seen Falcon in Pixar style and him looking like Buzz.
BomberZeth's avatar
could had been Johnny Bravo! :D
rc5t7's avatar

This works incredibly well

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