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Super Smash Styles- 06 Kirby x Blues Clues

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Here's Kirby in the art style of Blues Clues! I'm going to draw every Super Smash Bros Ultimate character, each in their own animated art style from different cartoons, movies, ect. I'll be choosing styles I feel fit the characters or find it interesting.
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Oh man, I remember watching Blue's Clues as a kid, and Kirby fits right into the style.

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You drew my main in the artstyle of one of my favorite childhood shows.............................it's perfection.

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Kirb's Clues
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Junebug-JamboreeStudent General Artist
This is the only thing that matters in the world! ♥
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Aziyah15Student Artist

It so cuteCute!

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let's write it down in our handy dandy notebook!^^
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MonsterMan25Hobbyist Digital Artist
you sir just combined BOTH of my BIGGEST childhood memories into one, oh my god!
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WudaiBlackHole95Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Kirby: Yippee! Another star (clue)!

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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Kirby Clues.
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MercenaryMasterStudent Artist
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SonicEXE6666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My main is so adorable in this style
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torrjua11011 Photographer
Maybe tiff can be Steve
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I Wonder what he'd look like in the New Blue's Clues & You CGI Artstyle;

Now THAT'S an example of how to have Live-action Humans interact with STYLIZED CGI Characters(Instead of the More Oftenly-used PHOTO-REALISTIC CGI)
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PkwaveStudent General Artist
One of my favorite characters
mixed with my favorite show...
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trilliondollermanHobbyist Photographer

He found a clue. What a twist.

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trilliondollermanHobbyist Photographer

Oh snap, he found a clue.

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Hmmmm, not gonna lie, but I think Chowder would be a more perfect fit for Kirby.
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S41ntSqu4r3dHobbyist General Artist

It probably would've been too easy. Just draw Chowder's eyes and hat on Kirby and you're done. Besides, think about it, Kirby in interpreted in sprites, 3D models, yarn, clay, and paint in his games. A paper cutout Kirby in probably the next step.

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Hmmm fair point
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He came eat anything. But he doesn't chew.

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CrescentMoonaHobbyist Digital Artist
We are gonna play Kirby's clues because my sister's a fan!
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PocketIllustStudent Digital Artist
the most wholesome crossover doesn't exis-
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The-Piranha-KingHobbyist General Artist
Kirby always starts wholesome
starts, it never ends that way
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