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Super Smash Styles- 05 Yoshi x Dr. Seuss

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Here's Yoshi in the art style of Dr.Seuss! I'm going to draw every Super Smash Bros Ultimate character, each in their own animated art style from different cartoons, movies, ect. I'll be choosing styles I feel fit the characters or find it interesting.
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Everyone in this comment section has become Dr. Seuss.

They got the skill for it, that's quite a roos .

this one Yoshi, the one in green.

who aught a thought he'd be so Clean.

using the old egg, such a talent, my my.

there's no comparison, none like xeternalflamebryx .

(exclude the x's for it to rhyme)



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what i have seen is something green holding what looks like an egg but his name is not Greg nor Meg. Yoshi is his name, a trophy he is not. wait, did that last part rhyme?
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Dr. Mario Presents: The Yoshi in the Egg!
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I Do Not Like Yoshi Eggs And Ham, I Do Not Like Them Yoshi-I-Am!
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Straight from an island with shoes on its feet. Comes a wild Yoshi who shoots eggs from his seat.

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i love it so much
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Me: That Yoshi, that Yoshi, I do not like that Yoshi.
Yoshi: Would you like some green eggs and ham?
Me: I do not like green eggs and ham, Yoshi. *left*
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"I meant what I said, and I said what I meant
A dinosaur's faithful, one hundred per-cent!"
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Green Eggs and Yoshi

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Yoshi lays an egg.
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I do not like Yoshi Eggs and Ham, I do not like them Sam-am-I!
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So tell Yoshi to break his legs instead of laying a bunch of eggs. This rhyming sounded very so cruel, but I didn't know what would sound cool.
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So... would you call what Yoshi has... a green egg in hand? =P

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If Dr. Seuss designed the game and style.
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Yoshi looks adorable in this style.
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Looks more Tim Burton XD
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nah looks like dr seuss to me xD
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I could imagine the Yoshi games using the Dr. Seuss style. It seems to fit well.
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Kirby's up soon, right?
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Very nice. Looks very interesting.
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You're picking your styles pretty wisely, but this is honestly just a whole new level in terms of style-fits-character:D Great job bruh, and on all of the characters thus far
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cool ! i think you forgot his weird shell on his back
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