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Super Smash Heroes- Pichu x Static

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Here's my Super Smash Heroes series where I draw the all the Smash Fighters as Marvel and DC! Here's Pichu as Static!
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Superhero Static Shock!

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Superhero Static Shock

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criminals get twisted

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I put a shock to your system

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This is the most cutest fan art I ever seen in a while

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With how his down B works, figured he'd be Shazam

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Pichu Shock will electric shock you in action!🐭⚡️🦸🏾‍♂️💙⚡️🛹
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With Pyra and Mythra being in Smash, I believe they are either Starfire or Phoenix.

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Pyra is gonna be Marvel and Mythra will be DC given the setup.

Although, wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Sephiroth is #78 so Pyra should be 79 and Mythra would be 80

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You still get the point dude.

Oh really? I hadn’t heard they were going to be separately numbered, but in retrospect, I guess I should have assumed as much. They’re more like Pokemon Trainer than Olimar and Alph

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Pyra, Mythra and Rex x Sword Art Online

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He already did them in the style of Voltron (which probably has better reception with the ladies than SAO).

Are you only doing the fighters, or will you bring in Assist Trophies too?

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This...this is actually perfect :rofl:

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Yep. What makes this even better is that one of the creators of Rubberband Man was Maddie Blaustein, who used to be the voice of Meowth and others!
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Put a shock to your system

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Fun fact: In the comics, Virgil (Static) was known to collect Pokémon cards. And what was his favorite? I’ll give you a hint: Pichu evolves into it 😁

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