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Super Smash Heroes- Joker x Joker

Character  Joker (Persona 5)Character  The JokerCharacter  supersmashbros
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Here's my Super Smash Heroes series where I draw the all the Smash Fighters as Marvel and DC! Here's Joker as Joker!

JUST Joker this week. Hero will be with Banjo on Monday! (Just in case a new fighter gets announced next week lol)
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Shido, you're in for a BAAAAD day

CheddarVG's avatar

I'm not sure if anyone saw that coming

ScottyMcGee312's avatar

"Wanna know how I got these personas?"

smashmallow101's avatar

We live in a society

JorgePrimera2's avatar

I see you had no ideas for a hero for Joker.

I’m pretty sure the Persona on the left (not sure if it’s Arsene or Satanael) is Nicholson Joker, and Morgana is obviously Phoenix Joker, but which ones are Ren and the other Persona?

HanzoHasashi35's avatar

Arsène is Heath Ledger, Raoul is the other Persona, and Ren is Mark Hamil Joker

RjSmash's avatar

Arsene is Jack Nicholson, Raoul is Cesar Romero, Morgana is Joaquin Phoenix and Joker is Heath Ledger

Halberd30's avatar

I like how their all different versions of him

NinSegaMMDfangirl98's avatar

In Last Surprise, they tell us "you'll never see it coming." I saw this coming.

D-FenderProductions's avatar

Would that mean Ryuji or Akechi would be Jared Leto’s Joker?

MonsterMan25's avatar

Who else would it have been? XD

MoguriTheHedgecat96's avatar

Get it? They share it.

And Morgana as Arthur Fleck? LOL.

MattTheBat7's avatar

Joker as Joker very funny XD

GlamGamesSSB's avatar

the plan is simple

commit assist trophy fraud

TRC-Tooniversity's avatar

Now he's the new Clown Prince of Crime!

Austin624fan's avatar

I did a crossover of them.

Crossover #39 The Two Jokers
Crossover #14 Joker The Joker
MercenaryMaster's avatar
someone predicted this lol
MoguriTheHedgecat96's avatar
MercenaryMaster's avatar

That's really cool ngl

My first thought when Joker was announced. "Batman Joker?"

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Hey xeternalflamebryx! Can you make the wandering samurai in Get Blake! Version.

DnMStarsi's avatar
He doesn't do requests, mate.
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