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Super Smash Heroes- Charizard x Hawkman

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Here's my Super Smash Heroes series where I draw the all the Smash Fighters as Marvel and DC! Here's Charizard as Hawkman!
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AWESOME MATERIAL! Really creative and stylish!

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Shocked you didnt use Braviary for this one
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Braviary isn't in Smash Bros.
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I see, dont play or like smash bros much
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I was thinking he'd be a dinosaur/dragon character or fire powered character...but this is PRICELESS! :lmao:

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This looks really cool!

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surprising but good choice. My bet's on Diddy being Spider-Man, cause... spider monkey.

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Would love to see him in action. Awesome! ^^

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If that's Hawkman, then who is Hawkwoman? 🤔
DnMStarsi's avatar
Probably no one.
MercenaryMaster's avatar
Perhaps for now. 🤔
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Now the big question: Will the trainer themself get a comic counterpart? And if so, what company represents them? The trainer doesn't have a number.

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Maybe, maybe not. Maybe Red will be a DC character while Leaf is a Marvel character or vice versa.
PantaroParatroopa's avatar

Maybe they'll be someone from neither Marvel nor DC, like an independent comic.

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I doubt it. But only Bryx knows. LOL

For those playing at home, there are too many Hawkmen with too disparate origin stories and DC keeps trying to make them all exist at once no matter how little sense it makes. This is completely different from how Charizard keeps getting every new toy that comes into existence.

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...But Charizard can’t learn Fly. So I don’t think he be very effective as Hawkman. Lol

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He couldn't in gen 1, he can nowadays

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Actually he could. It was only in Yellow Version though.
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Figured, but I was saying that for the sake of a joke.

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This is a great choice.

And while we're waiting for Diddy, here are my guesses for the next four after that monkey. For Lucas, seeing how he's known for his psychic powers, he would very likely be some DC character with psychic powers, like Martian Manhunter for instance. For Sonic, I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again: Quicksilver. I would be shocked if he was anyone else. For King Dedede, Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin. As for Olimar, well, your Young Link x Hawkeye pic had a Pikmin on Young Link's arrow, very likely teasing that Olimar is going to be Ant-Man.

I agree with you on Sonic, Dedede, and Olimar. On the other hand, Diddy should probably be a character associated with the Hulk.

As for alts, I’m pretty sure Bryx said he/she (don’t recall his/her gender offhand) wasn’t going to be doing alts. Shame really—maybe we could come up with ideas for those and/or the Assist Trophies...

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"On the other hand, Diddy should probably be a character associated with the Hulk."

Well, that's what I said in a previous pic, where I guessed that Diddy would likely be Rick Jones/A-Bomb.

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