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Robin looks good as Scarlett Witch

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only one question,who is vision?

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Mario: "Dancing while Humming the 1-1 Theme"

Bowser:What are you doing?

Mario: Dance off Bro,just me and you


Mario: Im Distracting you.ya big turtle boss.

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Mega man being iron man was really smart
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Not bad, having the Miis as copies.

With Age Of Ultron, I have Dark Samus as Ultron, the Inklings as the Maximoff Twins, Mario as Iron Man, Captain Falcon as Captain America, Snake as Nick Fury, Ike as Thor, Little MAC as Bruce Banner, DK as Hulk, Link as Hawkeye, and Samus as Black Widow.

Sonic doesn’t come into my version of the Nintendo MCU until Civil War, Because I have Sonic as Spider-Man, mainly because of various reasons how it can work.
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Awesome!! Iron Man is totally awesome and Mega Man is my favourite video game character!

I love these!! Great Job!
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Even though this was made like 4 years ago I love it still
Iron Man (Mega man) ROCKS!!! Lol
Sonic is Quicksilver, for you non-no lifers of Marvel fanship out there
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I was kinda hoping he would show up in some form in endgame lol
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Is that Stan Mii I see?! You geni
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I wonder who Sonic is supposed to be
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Must of been so fast that even I missed him lol
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Bowser as Thanos?
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That could also work! I actually had master hand as the idea of thanos, cause I like the idea of him being literally the gauntlet lol
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Wait...Mewtwo Isn't Vision? 
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YES! I ROYALLY messed this up when I first made this pic because I wasnt as knowledgeable with the franchise as I am now! I found out this mistake like, nearly a year later and i thump my head every time I see it lol
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