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Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Collab - Worlds Collide

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With Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming to a close, here is a clash of art worlds for this celebration of gaming! ft artist:

Link to the each artist:

Banjo and Kazooie:




Male Byleth:

Female Byleth:

Piranha Plant:






Sora (me) :

Min Min:

Smash Ball:
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Thank you Sakuri. 👌😃

PusYoRC's avatar

This is so cool! I love all the different art styles

ruddiw's avatar

Sora reminds me of Gambit from the X-Men animated series cartoon. Was that intentional?

GamingLakitu's avatar

The person that made Family Guy Sephiroth has all of my love

penisnoise's avatar

While the picks could have been better, they could have been much worse, so let's just appreciate what we have

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Whoa. Epic. I'm impressed you were able to cooperate with all these different artists.

Waluigi Fans:

ronnyvain420's avatar

family guy sephiroth

Club-Dreamiverse's avatar

Legit collaboration.

dewaynelee2001's avatar

Sephiroth design is burning my eyes right now.

this is funny and that Byleth is cute as ahell! Make more of her please.

EvilMariobot's avatar

Now I almost want to see Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl in video game art styles.

(Or continue on with Mii Costume characters.)

Cross-Over-Kid-2006's avatar

I like that every dlc's style are different, maybe because of different artist.

philipthepatsy's avatar

“You think THAT’S bad?! Remember the time Sephiroth stabbed Aerith?!”

SuperSaska's avatar

Sephiroth looks amazing. No joke, even in Family Guy style he looking hot

SaucerofPeril's avatar

How about we want to see “Super Smash Styles - Style Pass Volume 2” with six different Assist Trophies who didn’t return in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, including:

Lakitu and Spinies (Super Mario Bros.) x TaleSpin (Disney)

Kat and Ana (WarioWare, Inc.) x Lucky Star

Jill (Drill Dozer) x It’s Punky Brewster (1985)

Magnus (Kid Icarus) x Time Squad

Elec Man (Mega Man) x Tenkai Knights

Infantry and Tanks (Advance Wars) x Liberty’s Kids

Juliefan21's avatar

I wonder if they're planning for a next Smash Bros game exclusive to the next new game console.

80jj's avatar

Who can say? I hope so, given I still want Rayman and Crash given their due. But Sakurai's long overdue for a break and given the Switch's popularity, it'll probably be going strong for a few more years.

Juliefan21's avatar

Well, you could be right. Perhaps we will give him a break for at least couple years. then if a new console was made by that time, Waluigi, Lyn, Krystal, Chun-Li, Kitana, Master Chief, Bomberman, Shantae, Ryu Hayabusa, Rayman, and Crash Bandicoot could probably join all 76 veterans for a future Smash Bros game.

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