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Peach Daisy Rosalina and Pauline

I hope they somehow get all of them on the Super Mario Movie. They wont lol. But I'm at least hoping for Pauline 
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Seriously, Disney is onto something with this art style

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They look so pretty!

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They all look wonderful here. :)

this should be an animated series

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Did you hear about the Mario Movie cast

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Looks like Tangled the Series, which I'm pretty sure is from the same people as Penn Zero Part Time Hero.

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The Mario girls look nice in the TTS/RTA style. 🙂

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idk why this draw style looks equals to the new dc super hero girls series

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Very beautiful and cute!🥰🥰

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Incredible work!

You are quite versatile!!!

What kind of art style are you planning on doing for the final Smash fighter for Smash Ultimate?

Or is it going to be a surprise...?

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This is adorable!

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Oh waw, it's gorgeous! 💖

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Ummm Princesses, and Ms. Pauline, how much did you all have to drink?!

If Pauline appears in the new Super Mario movie then i wonder who should voice her?

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The artstyle reminds me of DC Superhero Girls and Tangled animated series. 😏

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This is really good! Imagine a Mario girls cartoon made by the Tangled series people! And yeah hopefully we'll get to see the other girls in the movie besides Peach. Heck, they got DK, Cranky, and even Foreman Spike in it, so why not Pauline?Peach Running Happy Daisy Dancing Rosalina Pauline 6

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they all really suit this style so much! looks really good <3

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I mean, if they got Foreman Spike of all characters, it's entirely possible Rosalina and Pauline could be included...

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