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I love that 😍😍💖
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mortemon gotta rick 'em all!

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More Like Ruining Halloween with Bullshits like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Prick & Assty
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"What's the difference between Star Butterfly and Harley Quinn?"

One's a psycopath and the other one is Harley Quinn.
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Nice job, though I would picture Lincoln being Ace Savvy in this while Phineas and Ferb would be Deku and Jotaro.
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thank you very much!
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It makes sense that Lynn is tracer.... because she is
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lol thats for sure 
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what is ricks halloween costume  Jinx confused by benderrocks01  
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rick is actually rick grimes from the walking dead lol
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They've actually shown Gumball dresses as Beetlejuice on the show
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thats actually where I got it from lol. I thought it was a really awesome reference so I added it 
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In one of the Halloween episodes of Gumball (I think it was Season 5), Richard dresses up as Kratos and Mr. Smalls dresses up as the main girl from Sailor Moon.

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I see rick and morty, xeter.
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Your welcome and hope u watch me
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