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Balance Clarence Clemence

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You should’ve added spongebob
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Hail the mid and early 2010's!

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i always thought steven was too much a pussy to have friends

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Imagine if a girl just randomly go through this group.

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Oh hey Dipper’s finally joined the fun

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yes he is fun like Mabel

love to get on instagram
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Boys will be Boys! Well except for Lincoln, that guy has some issues. 
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yeah,he don't fight and gets agressive at all

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As rhino, this hurts to see
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There's enough testosterone in this one group to bewilder an entire girl's school!
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lol thats for sure 
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¿Where cat noir/adrien agreste?
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oh kinda wish i added them lol
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maybe now Girls Will Be Girls?
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i can see that, though i kinda did a spiritual successor of it with girl characters lol  How My Girl P Sound by xeternalflamebryx  
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