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so um, you did a really l33t job and made me derp face in real life. Yes. lol half a star. lolololol derp derp derp derp derp derp derp...



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United States
**Just want to make it clear that basically everything except 3 drawings are not of my own (banners are done by me though), the kaiju have been drawn by other artists kind enough to bring my ideas to life. I'm not so good at drawing, problems with focus and attention span, but I can create some good designs and stuff and monsters, just need an artist to skillfully put it down on paper for the visual, so the kaiju ARE mine- design, stats, and whatnot, just not the artwork. I give an artist a list of criteria and description, and they then draw my idea. Credit goes to the artists and to them, a thousand thanks from myself.**

Hiya. I'm an amateur photographer, sketcher/drawer, digital artist, and writer. I've been a fan of the kaiju genre and the G1 Transformers since I was 4 yrs old, Gundam genre since i was 10, have been a kaiju RPG'er/forum member since I was 12. I have a passion for the entertainment genre; movies, tv shows, actors/actresses, and I have a vast knowledge of random/useless movie and actor/actress trivia/facts/information. Can't think of anything else beyond that...anything else you want to know, feel free to ask or have a conversation with me. I'm a friendly person who enjoys talking to/meeting new people. Music is a passion of mine. I was a musician for about 5 years (self-taught), but due to circumstances, I haven't been able to play lately and/or muster/find the motivation I once had.

[Favorite Kaiju]:: Barugon, Zetton, Mechagodzilla Showa, Megaguirus, Biollante, Varan the Unbelievable, Grand King Ghidorah, Eleking, Hedorah, Gyaos Showa,

:: AIM Screename :: FrostyBarugon
Anxiety- it is a bitch. Anyone of the many who have it feel my pain. I'll be open right now, it's not easy. About August 22nd or 23rd, 2005 I received my first bass and started playing it. Years later, I completely taught myself. Learned how to do sweep arpeggios myself, learned a chunk of music theory myself, played in a couple serious bands. This year was my 7 year anniversary, but I haven't touched my bass in maybe 2 years give or take. One day, my anxiety just...took the fun away from playing, and since then, it's felt like a chore to play. It feels like a chore/a big weight just to THINK about playing. The same has happened to me and making banners and other stuff in photoshop. It's been like that since early this year. The nights are especially tough on me. The evening is when I'm attacked by random, unprovoked emotions, often I'll break down and cry, things along those lines. I have to admit though, bitching about it has made me feel a little better about it.

Anyways, to the gist of this journal. I have a dump of about 9 pictures give or take to upload. A number of them are presents from my birthday last Tuesday, and some aren't; just stuff I've neglected to upload because Mr. Anxiety has made it feel like a chore. The anxiety's starting to pour into my RP past time... I'm a ref over at my frequented site, The Arena: Universal Clash, and the past month or so, judging these matches has felt like hard work when it really isn't. The soonest I've judged a match I've reffed in the past month or two is about 7-8 days. Starting tonight and going into tomorrow, I'll be doing the mass upload. Then to come are the stats for a few certain specimens.

So, keep an eye out. HayesAJones and I are working on an Oophaga revamp, and so far the ideas are jolly. Right now, I'm off to enjoy the Dinobot DLC for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron with InfernoRodan. Toodles.
  • Listening to: nothing at the moment
  • Reading: finally getting into H.P. Lovecraft
  • Watching: House, but only for a second longer
  • Playing: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
  • Eating: n/a
  • Drinking: ice cold peach iced tea


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