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I'm close to releasing some stock photography, so I thought some rules had better be laid down.

Most of my work is photography, but some other things will be added from time to time. This includes fractals.

:bulletred: To use an image, either comment on it or note me the final product as a link. This is to check you read these rules correctly, and also to take a look at what you did with the stock. I can't wait for some pieces to see! Please don't be offended if I don't fave it, but everything should get at least a comment.
:bulletred: These stock images are restricted for use ON DEVIANTART by DEVIANTART MEMBERS
:bulletred: All images used MUST be credited back to this account. This can be done simply by writing: :dev xerstock: or :icon xerstock:
(with no spaces) in your deviation's 'Artists Comments' to give:
I would also be happy if you put a [Link] to the original stock image too, but this is not mandatory.
:bulletred: All images must be manipulated a fair amount. I DO NOT WISH ANY of your images to look significantly similar to the original. These are images to be used as a base for more work. You will be asked to take work down if you have only changed a few bits and pieces here and there
:bulletred: It is not mandatory to fave the stock image you have used, but if you feel you may use it again, or if you feel it is particularly good, faves are very much appreciated.
:bulletred: At the moment, my stock images are NOT AVAILABLE TO BE SUBMITTED AS PRINTS. I do not wish for any of the images to be used for commercial gain. They will be available to put up as prints at some point. If you feel you may want to submit images using my stock as a print, please note me. The terms will probably include you buying a small version of the print if I add it to my wishlist. If you're going to make money out of it, I would like to have a printed copy of it considering it incorporates my work.
You will not be allowed to use the image as a print if it looks too similar to the original.
:bulletred: These stock images CAN be used to make avatars. I will also design avatars if people request them using one of the pictures.
:bulletred: These stock images are NOT TO BE USED IN ADVERTISING or hate propaganda. I am strongly against racism. I will ask for your work to be removed if your work is classed to be any of the above or breaks the rules of the deviantART Etiquette and submission terms.
:bulletred: If I have found your work includes any of my stock images without credit to me, I will report them as art rips. You have been warned

:bulletblue: If you have any particular requests for stock photography, either your own request or stock from the photos on my art account (TerraRhapsody), please note me and I will see what I can do. They will NOT be the same as the final deviations in my TerraRhapsody account.

This will be regularly updated.
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