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A copy and paste from my LiveJournal, since that didn't yield any results:

Okay, so I now have a beta website that people can browse, critique, maybe even monkey around in le forum:

But for the more technically inclined:
Can anyone provide a solution to the following problems with this beta? (These symptoms only happen in IE, yes, the browser of evil.)

1) The forward and back rollover effects don't work. The only difference with them versus the rest of the rollovers is a lack of a "href" attribute in the link tags (it uses onclick instead, since it's meant to navigate the browser's history).

2) No matter which way I've tried doing it, I can't get the iFrame to show centered in IE - hence it cuts off the left margin of the graphical layout.

Any ideas?

I have much more art in my scraps, so be sure to check them out.
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1.) I've no clue on how IE acts with rollovers. I remember it working like total crap, though. :(

2.) I would suggest shrinking the iframe a bit, and making sure that the cell alignment of the table cell you put it in is centered,
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I tried adding an align="center" attribute to the TD tag of the cell it's in, and it didn't do squat. Size shouldn't be an issue since Firefox has no problem with it, but I'll try that, since you never know how much more illogical IE can possibly get.
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IE = Illogical Embodiment