One of My Works In a Juried Show!

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I dunno how many of my followers are from the Antelope Valley, but for any that are and just because I'm so proud, my "African Mosaic" watercolor painting got into the juried art exhibition - Encore - at the Palmdale Playhouse. :3 

African Mosaic by Xeroxed-Animus

He'll be on display at the playhouse until November 2nd, along with lots of awesome art by some super people. So if you wanna see him in person and happen to be in Palmdale, that's an opportunity to do so.

And if anyone wants to see what other things I do on the Intarwebs, I have a site that acts as a central hub to things like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Hitbox (a Twitch substitute), places to buy mein arts, etc. That's over this way:

And thank you all for following my work, you guys are the best. <3
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So how did this go? Did you get a lot of viewers?
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I dunno how many people saw it after the opening to be honest. XD But the opening was packed, so it felt pretty special. <3 It didn't win one of the prizes but just being displayed was nice; I think they said they had to turn down something like half the people that entered.
Well, congrats on getting your foot in the door. :)