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Self Portrait - Painting

Okay, so here are all the self portraits I did. Advice for improvement always appreciated.
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This is amazing! Hats off because realistic portraits are a skill!

The details are lovely! All the notices for the zipper, the reflections, beautiful!
Nice portrait, though I would swear I don't recall seeing this in the gallery before.
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I might've moved it to featured recently - there's more art in the subcategories listed on the left of the gallery page.
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love the reflections!
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save as a .png instead of jpeg.

other than that it's p good I guess, I mean you look a little pale
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Yes, I am indeed very pale. I don't get out much. XD

I save things as JPGs because they're smaller and in this case the quality loss isn't very perceptible at a decent screen res.
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Especially the reflection and lens effect of the glasses turned out really well.
Maybe the lips could use a little more work to make them appear less flat.
I actually like when only the face is worked out in detail and the less important parts such as the sweater have bolder more basic brush strokes.
Given how precise you were with the zipper though, I think it would make sense to work out the knit of the green collar a little further.
Everything else is looking good! :)
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Just out of curiosity: was it with a mirror, a reference photo next to the screen or next to the mypaint window, or a reference photo as a lower layer in mypaint? I have done a couple of portraits with the latter technique, and that's what works best for me. Some will call it cheating. I disagree.
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Yeah, I had a photograph on a lower layer. I'd like to graduate to doing stuff freehand but time constraints on this project didn't allow that. XD
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Heck... I'm not that good to be able to give you an advice, so, all I can say is...

OMG this is awesome! O:
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