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Bioshock Infinite

I'm so desperate for Bioshock Infinite, thought i'd try like a wallpaper type this time.

Copyrights go to 2K and Irrational Games for Bioshock
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Haha cool I think I still have the old gaming magazine with the same image.
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This is amazing work here! Brilliant game and represented so well! :D
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love songbird, well done!
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Thanks a lot! Songbird is awesome, though i wish there'd have been more of ___(it/him/her? each his/her/its own i guess lol)
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annoyingly true, my favorite bit was when you can tell songbird what to do, but alas it was not to last
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love this, well done!
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This wallpaper. I LOVE IT.
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Tazer's Bioshock Challenge!

A lighthouse, a man, a city.

This is a challenge I have set out to all Bioshock fans. Make a story of your own playing off the world of Bioshock. Have the Lighthouse to light the stage, Have the Man who will make a choice, and have the City with its own dark doors to open.

This is the Challenge, and its the stage for you to dance on.
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Charles! I miss you so much! Here's to hoping you and your boss Saltonstall get put into the dlc ;-;
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wanna join the bioshock infinite rp?
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Did you do the chrome theme too?
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I got the game yesterday--almost done. Gosh, I spent the whole day on it.
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thanks for my new wallpaper ^_^ my two favourite things in bioshock infinite: songbird and murder of crows :3
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Lol, i know right? Crows and Songbird are so awesome
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i finished the game in 18 hours ^_^" so proud of myself :D

i have a keyring of the murder of crows vigor. it came with the premium edition... i wish i had the super deluxe amazing edition with the songbird statue... *sigh* well.. :3 i'll be okay
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Yeah, ahh that statue is awesome. But atleast we have a figurine thingy for the board game lol
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there is a board game? :o
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It's on its way/in the making. But yeah, and the premium edition brings a little handy man figurine piece for it.
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i know :P but it's soo tiny D: and it's blue :l but i like it though :) i also heard there is this 1999 version of the game. i saw an achievement saying 1999 when i finished the game so i guess i'm gonna replay it in 1999 mode?
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Is the guy on the left Comstock or Slate?
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*crows attack*
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