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I'll Be The Brightest Someday

Track 3. The Boy Who Could Fly

I Hope You Like The Stars I Stole For You.

personal piece for me, this lyric means allot to me for if i could steal the stars it would show just how much it means to me but in reality it doesnt even matter to you. but yea i had fun making this once again pierce the veil.
thanks for the brushes whoever you are!

photoshop and illustrator.
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I love the fluid look to this.
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woww! amazing work!
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Featured Here: 50+ Beautiful Examples of Typography [link]
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wow thank you !!!!!!!!
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It's amazing. I love it.
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i n t e r e s t i n g and c o o l :+fav:
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Beautiful *-*
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This was featured on [link]

I was flipping through and thought, that looks familiar! way cool man
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Pierce the Veil's one of my favorite bands. And this album is definitely the best. I love your typography!
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thanks! yea i think they are my favorite band too. i cant wait for their next one!
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This is amazing. I love all the lyrics Pierce the veil writes :heart:
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thank you! and so do i!
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Awesome Pierce of artwork here! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
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thank you so much!
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Commenting on Pierce the Veil related artwork needs no thanks sir :) I applaud your excellent work and excellent taste!
IMustBe---Dreaming's avatar
Awesome! I love ptv ;]
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thanks! i know i love them too as you can tell with my other stuff!
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yes! very attractive piece :D :horns: i like the yellow on green and obviously the flow of the splash effects
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amazing :) i love it
XeRoblade's avatar
thank you man it means allot!
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