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TMNT: Donnie and the Aprils

I had to imagine how 2012 Donnie would react to the other April counterparts from 2k3 and the 80s =P

He's probably traveling through dimensions or something - I dunno - and is REALLY surprised to see his "love" so ... feminine. Especially the 80s April :lol:

Hope you like ^^

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LOL When I saw that episode and Donnie said that, I was like, 'Eyes up, mister." LOL! I also imagined Liz (my OC) giving him a bop upside the head and a disapproving look towards her little bro.
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Well, it was a little unnerving. Between that and the ‘Smooth Donatello’ thing which was ultimate cringe, I’m worried Don’s not all that innocent...
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2 of the best designs of April ever! Donnie should be suffering from a giant nosebleed any minute!
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I wonder if Nick would made DonxApril a fact, lol April a zoophile
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Ahh good old Donnie. Seeing April's counterparts.... one can only imagine.
In my mind, I bet 2012 April will grow up to look like her mother. She'd make one beautiful lady.
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We could already see Donnie's "reaction" to 80s April in an episode =D He seemed to like her jumpsuit pretty much ;)
Yes, I totally agree with you about 2012 April! What I don't like so much on her, is her behaviour to Donnie :hmm: She could be written better.
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I remember the "Wormquake" episode. I loved how they saw their dimenisional counterparts. Mikey said they looked like "Dorks". That was pretty funny. Donnie definitely got the hots for April's counterpart.
I'm also with you on how April is around Donnie at times; though maybe Donnie shouldn't really try so hard. There are somethings in the series I think they could've done better too. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
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I thought canon april was hotter than innocent april
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Uhhhh, that's EXACTLY how Donnie reacted upon seeing 1987 April.
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*heart eyes* "that jumpsuit...!"
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If I recall correctly 80's April made it on Nostalgia Critic's top 11 animated babes, others included the Baroness from GI Joe, Sailor Moon and Rogue from 90's X-Men.
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Don't mention that 2k3 April is married to Csey Jones.
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Predicted the new episode pretty well.
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'13 Donnie: * :shocked: both version of his April* 
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pretty much ... yes :XD:
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