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They're artists I'd be happy to draw stuff for/draw stuff with, commenters who almost always have something to say about one's work, thinkers who, on occasion, have even inspired me with some of my ideas, and just all around nice people!

If you find your icon on this list, consider it a sign of my utmost respect!



Sounds of Smash Ultimate Collab Logo by Xero-J

I'd been wracking my brain over what my next major collaboration was going to be for this gallery and the community at large...

Ideally, I'd want it to be Smash Bros related, much like the previous Fighters United piece, but unique in its own way, and in a fashion that can include more than just playable fighters...

Finally, my mind flashed back to an old solo project I created by making soundtrack covers for the various series represented in Smash 4:

Smash Bros For Wii U: Soundtrack Covers by Xero-J 

And so it hit me: Why not remake this for Smash Ultimate, and more than that, why not let others join in on the fun?

Hence, my third Collaboration Project: Creating a unique collection of covers for each and every set of songs represented by Smash Ultimate!

So, a few notes before we get to the fun part:

- Like my other collaborations, this too is going to be a challenge of drawing each and every fighter (and then some) seen in Smash Ultimate.
Although the layout will look a fair bit different from what the previous ones did, the general task remains the same: You provide the fighter, I'll handle the rest!

- Because we're talking about soundtrack covers, this means that each series is going to get a set amount of room to work with; all in all, the finished product that you'll see here is going to look more like a mosaic, although of course individual versions of each one will be up for you to view and use.

- Certain covers can have more than one character used for it (such as all the Koopalings, the male and female versions of Robin, WFT, Corrin, etc.). As for music that has no specific character, or music specifically for Smash Bros, well, I'll get to that in a bit...

Just to give you an idea of how the finished product is going to look with each submission, I've created a few demos using official renders (as well as my own submission):

Volume X - Smash Bros by Xero-J   Volume 1-1 - Mario Demo by Xero-J  Volume 1-1 - Rosalina - Xero-J by Xero-J

Right, now for the all-important Rules:

-Much like the Mystery Mushroom Collab, people will be allowed up to three characters each to draw (This number may increase as time goes on)

-First come, first served is in effect, so if you want to lay claim to a specific character, don't wait!

-Each character must be drawn in full view, but you are free to draw any sort of pose or position you wish (Prohibiting anything, and I mean anything that requires a Mature Tag), as long as it's in color and on a transparent canvas or a blank white background. Preferably, they should be able to fit in a 1000x1000 space, as well as potentially be able to fit alongside multiple characters.

-You may post your own work ahead of the collab's deadline on DA or any preferred social media. It's your work, after all, so go show it off and tell your friends!
The cover itself will have a credit to the artist of that character, or characters.

-Said it up there, and I'll repeat myself here: Once the collab is finished, it will be submitted to this gallery as a collection of all covers grouped together, and a folder link will be provided for people to view and download each one individually.

With that out of the way for the moment, NOW we get to the fun part: The Characters!


Volume 1: Smash 64

1-1. Super Mario Bros

Mario -

Luigi -

Peach -

Daisy -

Bowser -

Rosalina & Luma - Xero-J 

Bowser Jr. -

The Koopalings (as a group)

Iggy -
Roy -
Morton -
Wendy -
Larry -
Lemmy - 
Ludwig -

Dr. Mario -

Piranha Plant - MegaToon1234

1-2. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong -

Diddy Kong -

King K. Rool -

1-3. The Legend of Zelda

Link -

Zelda -

Ganondorf -

Sheik -

Young Link -

Toon Link - 

1-4. Metroid

Samus - TheArtisticAstro

Zero Suit Samus - 

Ridley -

Dark Samus - TheArtisticAstro

1-5. F-Zero

Captain Falcon -

1-6. Yoshi

Yoshi - 

1-7. Kirby

Kirby - AuRoyalPhoenix

Meta Knight - 

King Dedede - 

1-8. Star Fox

Fox - 

Falco - 

Wolf - 

1-9. Pokemon

Pikachu - AuRoyalPhoenix

Jigglypuff - PekoponOverlord

Mewtwo - MegaToon1234

Pichu -

Lucario -

Pokemon Trainer (as a group)

Red -
Leaf -
Squirtle -
Ivysaur -
Charizard -

Greninja -

Incineroar - Big-Uncle-V

1-10. EarthBound/Mother

Ness -

Lucas -

Volume 2: Melee

2-1. Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers -

2-2. Fire Emblem

Marth -

Roy -

Ike -

Robin (as a group)
Male - 
Female -

Lucina -

Corrin (as a group)
Male -
Female -

Chrom -

2-3. Game and Watch

Mr. Game and Watch - LordofRabbids1

Volume 3: Brawl

3-1. Kid Icarus

Pit -

Palutena - Big-Uncle-V

Dark Pit -

3-2. Wario

Wario -

3-3. Pikmin

Olimar -

Alph -

3-4. R.O.B

R.O.B. (as a group)
NA Model -
JP Model - PekoponOverlord

3-5. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic -

3-6. Metal Gear Solid

Snake -

Volume 4: 3DS & Wii U

4-1. Animal Crossing

Villager -

Isabelle -

4-2. Wii Fit

Wii Fit Trainer (as a group)
Female -
Male -

4-3. Punch-Out!!

Little Mac - 

4-4. Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk - 

4-5. Mii Series

Brawler - Xero-J 

Swordfighter -

Gunner -

4-6. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt -

4-7. Mega Man

Mega Man -

4-8. Pac-Man & Namco

Pac-Man - LordofRabbids1

4-9. Street Fighter

Ryu - LordofRabbids1

Ken Masters - PekoponOverlord

4-10. Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife -

4-11. Bayonetta

Bayonetta -

Volume 5: Ultimate

5-1. Splatoon

Inkling (as a group)
Boy -
Girl -

5-2. Castlevania

Simon Belmont -

Richter Belmont -

5-3. Persona 5

Joker -

Volume X: Original

Used for original elements from Smash itself, including Menu themes, original bosses, or anything pertaining to World of Light.

(as a group)
Master Hand -
Crazy Hand -

Galeem, Lord of LightXero-J 

Volume Y: Nintendo / Other Games / Assist Trophies

Used for music from games that doesn't belong to any of the other categories above, but can still be represented by an Assist Trophy (such as the Squid Sisters), Item (such as Boss Galaga), or Spirit...

Speaking of Spirits, for the sake of not overloading this already massive undertaking, I'll accept them here if, and ONLY if, they have music representing them or the game they come from; For example, Rex or Pyra are fine, as they have both Spirits and music from Xenoblade 2, but Shantae is one such choice I'll accept only if something like Burning Town, Dance Through the Danger, etc. is in Smash's tracklist.

That said, this section is a bit more open-ended than the ones above; if you ever wanted to draw someone like Isaac, Waluigi, Alucard, or even Mach Rider, go nuts, and I'll add it here!


Now, as for the deadline for this...for now we'll say...

December 7th, 2019!

...Should be enough time to get through each and every one of the main fighters and a good chunk of...everyone else!
If not, well...we'll see as time marches on.

You all may be wondering if I was going to hold my annual Pokemon World Summer event for the last month of August (and likely a good half of September)...

....Well, I'm not.

I'm going even further and bringing you what is now the Nintendo Grand Summer instead!

Nintendo Grand Summer 2018 Logo by Xero-J

I'd been kicking this around for a while now, since I have to admit I'd been running dry on Pokemon-centered ideas, and with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon, I figure now's the perfect time for me to act on it.

There will still be Pokemon content, mind you, but now I intend to focus a bit more on other aspects of the Nintendo worlds, mostly pertaining to the Switch and its recent releases.

To drive this point home, there are two things in particular I've got planned for this month that I want to share with you here...

First of all....

Princesses Secret 2017 Logo by Xero-J
Hey, remember this from the end of 2017? So far, I've only covered Rosalina and her lovely lingerie legacy, but now, I'm pulling the curtain a bit farther back with a princess who've been waiting for her turn in the summer spotlight...

Peach 01 Summertime Lover by Xero-J

Keep an eye for that this weekend, folks!

And second...

Heroic Summer Cards: 02 ~ Adult Tiki by Xero-J  Heroic Summer Cards: 01 ~ Robin by Xero-J  Heroic Summer Cards: 16 ~ Camilla by Xero-J  Heroic Summer Cards: 05 ~ Corrin by Xero-J

The Heroic Summer Cards series based on Fire Emblem Heroes, which I'd opened a special commission set for anyone who had a few custom ideas of their own.

Originally, it was set to end in July, but alas, there weren't any takers, so I'm giving it another chance by extending the Heroic Summer Card Sale all the way to
Mid-September, to make dang sure we get as many bonus Heroes as possible!

Apart from that, I do indeed have a few custom entry ideas of my own, so you'll see a few personal new additions over the course of the Summer, one way or another!

While I'm still working out the details of the rest of the Nintendo Grand Summer, you can count on it that there are gonna be a few favorites, surprises, and possibly even a few projects that may be grander than anything I've put together before!

Party time, ladies and gentlemen; E3 2018 is upon us at last, and I'm back to give my personal accounts on the conferences and showcases that make up the three main forces of the hype: Microsoft, Sony, and of course, Nintendo!

While the bulk of this journal will be updated over the course of the next few days with my thoughts on how the three main conferences went, since I'm also watching the others, such as Bethesda, Square Enix, and Devolver Digital, I'll have short cut-ins of my personal highlighted games from those as well (With the exception of EA, since I kinda slept through that, and in retrospect, I don't think I missed much...)

Right off, we start with...


I still don't have an Xbox One, and I see no reason not to just use my PC for a lot of the supposed "Exclusives".
That said, while I felt like the beginning was pretty standard (aside from Kingdom Hearts, and I'll say this now, I called there being a Frozen world from the moment the very first trailer dropped), a lot of games really caught my eye in the second half, like Jump Force, Devil May Cry 5, the DLC for Cuphead, and Battletoads finally coming back!

Other than that, all the tropes were there as usual: Halo! Forza! Zombies! Ubisoft and their Fake Online Voice Chat(tm)! And...I'll say it right now, I was laughing so dang hard at the stunt they pulled with Gears of War, just watching an entire crowd go from cheering wildly to dead silent during that one moment.

So yeah, this conference seemed more like a way to draw in people who were on the fence about Xbox, as opposed to bolstering the playerbase they already had. Still, there are a lot of games to like, and I'd say it went over well for game announcements, if not necessarily for the console itself...

Overall Result: < B >

Inbetween Microsoft and Sony: Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Square Enix, and Ubisoft

The conferences that took place in the interim all had their vices and virtues, and here I'm hoping to document them while waiting for Sony to start theirs.

Let's break them down quickly in order, shall we?


I admit I'm not the Bethesda fan of my family compared to my brother, but nothing much here caught my interest, and I've got enough mobile stuff to deal with as it is. Fallout 76 looks like it can be broken in so many ways by its players, and if nothing else, it should be fun to see streams of everyone trying not to get nuked. The Very Special Edition of Skyrim was a good bit, though.

Devolver Digital:

Aside from all the ridiculous amounts of shade being thrown around (For your information, I got my cheap pieces of Classic cash-grabs behind the back alley of a Five Guys. WAY classier than Taco Bell, thank you very much), the few things Devolver had on call, My Friend Pedro and (FINALLY) Metal Wolf Chaos made an appreciable end to the rest of my night.

Square Enix:

Shorter than I, or anyone else, expected, but I'm just happy knowing there's a new Square Enix/Platinum Games thing being worked on, amongst everything else!


STAR FOX!...sorry, getting ahead of myself. Seriously, though, even before hearing about the Starlink business, I had my ear on what Beyond Good and Evil 2 was doing with its fan content (If people are gonna get compensation for that, I might consider wanting in), what Skull and Bones did over the comparatively empty Sea of Thieves, and when the update to Kingdom Battle was coming (June 26th!).

If I had to rank the interim stuff, I'd say Ubisoft consistently stands on top for keeping my attention as long as it did.


...Oh, this one was poorly handled...

Sony had all the hype they needed with The Last of Us, and then promptly burned that nearly to cinders by having that trailer and the rest of the presentation in two separate venues....

Once that hot mess was over and done with, things picked back up pretty quickly, giving us some fancy new samurai action with Ghosts of Tsushima, Resident Evil 2, some Rick and Morty thing, an At World's in KH3, actual gameplay (and yet still more questions) about Death Stranding finally, what I assume is the revival of the Sinister Six in Spider-Man.

While it's nice that I might still get some exercise out of the PS4 for the rest of this year and early next, I will speak on behalf of the 80% percent of the audience that ISN'T attending E3 themselves and had to sit and wait for an almost bail-worthy twenty minutes:

Sony. Please, PLEASE NEVER do that again...

Overall Result < C >

And finally, now that I've had a chance to collect my thoughts from various impressions and Treehouse Streams, we move to...


-For the sake of fairness to the length of the other conferences, here I'm just going to talk on the Direct itself, and not the 3-day Treehouse stream that followed it-

...We all knew going in that this was going to be primarily Smash-related, as Nintendo tends to push one big thing with every presentation atop a small number of other smaller announcments (like with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey in past years).

Before we get to the obvious, though, let's look at those other things! Namely that Monolith seems to have effectively split Xenoblade X between the robot fighting and the on-foot exploring worlds with continued DLC for Xenoblade 2 and now this new Daemon X Machina project. I, of course, choose to live by the timeless doctrine of "You dig Giant Robots, I dig Giant Robots, We dig Giant Robots, and of course, Chicks Dig Giant Robots."

Fire Emblem: The Three Houses is starting to look like you command an actual army, but I'd personally like to see how it plays one day, because I'm wondering if the battles will take on more of a Warriors slant. As for Super Mario Party, I'm happy to see a lot of original concepts come back, and a lot of new things like Bowser joining the group (just look at him go), and figuring out how that multi-Switch mode works...

Pokemon Let's Go, we all said our own piece about that back when it was announced; Fortnite, I'm not used to Battle Royales yet, but that's a good place to start...

A few indie games and one sizzle reel later, (in which I'm happy that Dragon Ball FighterZ is Switch-bound later this year!) we get to our main event: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

And boy, when Nintendo pushes one thing, they push HARD. I didn't think it was possible to be hyped for a Smash game any more than 4, but they've brought back literally EVERYONE that's ever thrown a punch in Smash, and more on top of those. From there we learn more of the myriad things and details befitting Sakurai's trademark, including the introduction of the Inkling, Daisy (as a newly classified Echo Fighter), and Ridley, of all people! (Although he seems a bit smaller than usual here...)

Finally, we end on its release date: December 7, 2018, which made me very happy (It's coming out THIS YEAR!) and very sad (Just three days earlier, and it would have made for a heck of a birthday gift...)

Now I'm not gonna pretend I'm not hyped for Smash, but looking at the Direct objectively, it was a solid, if brief, lineup of stuff really only slated for the next half of the year. In retrospect, I kinda wish they could have made it an hour instead of 45 minutes, but for what little they had, they made it work.

Overall Rating < B >

....And that's all of the major showings for this year! As far as who I thought had the most to talk about, I'd have to credit...all of them, in a way:

Microsoft, because they consistently showed the highest volume of games I see myself playing in the future.
Sony, because despite the lackluster conference, if it's not coming to the Switch or the PC, I'm playing it on the PS4 instead.
And Nintendo, because amidst all the Direct and separate reveals on their behalf (such as Starlink and Kingdom Battle) we all know Smash is the one thing we're gonna be talking about for the next 4+ years...

So, with my piece said, who do you think had the most to offer, and what would you say you guys are hyped for the most?

So now that Kingdom Hearts III is finally in our hands, which major Disney world is your favorite? 

26 deviants said Toy Box!
26 deviants said San Fransokyo!
18 deviants said The Caribbean!
12 deviants said Olympus!
11 deviants said Monstropolis!
9 deviants said Arendelle!
5 deviants said Kingdom of Corona!


FE Heroes Summer Special: Inked Mini Cards
During the month of July, I'm working on a series of Inked Index Cards based on the Summer events of Fire Emblem Heroes!

This is a special option for requesting summer versions of your personal favorite Heroes!*

*Note: This is only for characters who do not already have a variant in FE Heroes; see here for details:
-Heroes Summer Cards Series Rundown-

Sketch Only
For this price, I can provide you with a hand-drawn, colorless sketch! Good for traditional art lovers!
Sketch and Lineart
Gives you the hand-drawn sketch, and the digital linework. If you prefer to color things yourself, go with this!
Sketch, Lineart, and Color
The whole 3-step process, in which you receive the sketch, blank linework, and a properly colored, unmarked version of your desired artwork!
Colors! 3D :Commission Only:
Special option only available through commissions!

This type of art is done through the Nintendo 3DS Colors App! For this you get not only your requested art, but if you have a way of viewing 3D images, you'll get the 3D file, too!
Galaxy Note Style :Commission Only:
Special 3-phase color option available through commission only!

For this, you'll get the sketch as per usual, but the Lineart and Color will be done through the ultra sketchy style I use from drawing with my Galaxy Note!

However, while this is cheaper than regular color commissions, keep in mind I can only draw up to two characters with the limited space, so if you prefer detailed backgrounds or multiple characters, go with the normal one instead.
Smash Style Symbols :Commission Only:
Ever since Smash Bros., I've been a fan of the idea that every series has an insignia to represent them, which I why I often make my own for those outside Smash, or of my own design.

I've decided I can do the same for any universe of yours (or a universe of something you've seen or played before!)
Illustrator Style :Commission Only:
A special Commission-only color variant, which is done using Adobe Illustrator!

Of the Commission only color styles, this is one of my favorites, and also my most effort-consuming.
One Shot Comics :Commission Only:
Since I want to get back into comic work, and I also want to make a career of it, if you have an idea of something for a one-page comic or set of panels, let me know and I'll take it on (for a price of course!)

(Note: The maximum page size for these is considered to be Tabloid (11 x 17 in), so try to keep it concise!)

Stuff About Me

Real Name: Jalen Johnson

Profession: Digital Artist

Other Screen Names: Xer042, jalenkenai137

Pokemon Trainer Personas: Cross (in White), Grey (in White 2), Xavier (in X), Emerl (in Emerald and Omega Ruby)

Systems I own: NES, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Dreamcast, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, GB/C/A/SP/Micro, DS/Lite/i/3DS/New3DSXL, PlayStation One/2/3/P/Vita, Xbox/360/One, Steam on PC, iPod, iPad, and several Android-centric emulators.

Online Games I frequent: Pokemon Omega Ruby/Global Link, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

3DS Friend Code: 0817-3741-2956 (Comment w/ your code if you want to add me!)

(Animal Crossing: New Leaf) Verdanté's Dream Address: 5300-2184-3591

Pokemon XY Friend Safari: Dragon-type, with Gabite, Noibat, and Sliggoo

All-time Favorite Fictional Characters: Six way tie between Sonic the Hedgehog, Luigi, Rosalina, Captain Falcon, Monkey D. Luffy, and BATMAN

Currently Playing: Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Omega Ruby, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Bravely Default, Mother 3, Sonic After The Sequel, Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Hyrule Warriors

Current Favorite Shows: One Piece, Space Dandy, Sword Art Online, Mythbusters, Pokemon: The Series XY, Adventure Time, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Walker: Texas Ranger, Steven Universe, Sonic Boom, Kill la Kill

Currently Following on Youtube: Chuggaaconroy, TheRunawayGuys, Hellfire Commentaries, BrainScratchComms, KoopaKungFu, chipcheezumlps, MasaeAnela, Ace Attorney X MLP:FIM: Turnabout Storm, TeamFourStar, PurpleeyesWTF's None Piece, mugiwarasonicteam's One Piece Abridged, Cinema Sins

Currently Reading:
The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon
Brawl in the Family
Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum
Exterminatus Now

Current Songs stuck in my head:

Theme of South Island (Sonic The Hedgehog OVA)

Excited Plz's

:iconexcitedshadowplz: :iconexcitedlaytonplz: :iconexcitedlukeplz: :iconexcitedkirbyplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedphoenixplz: :iconexcitedmayaplz: :iconsonicexcitedplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconexciteddusterplz: :iconkooliodragon:


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