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TUTORIAL: Armor using Crayola Model Magic

My first tutorial. Let me know if you have any suggestions for more.
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Paper clay works the exact same, is cheaper in most cases, and is incredibly strong and is hard to break/chip, especially when gessoes, painted and then sealed. This exact tutorial still applies to it though, just a material change :) Thanks for making this!
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What was the cost of making this?
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The pauldrons cost about $25 to make. A 2lb bucket of Model Magic will run between $16-$20, 3 different kinds of craft paint (about $1.25 each), and sandpaper ($1.50 at the dollar store).
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I have another question. The piece I'm creating is actually just a leather bracer being modified with Model Magic to create an armour plate for the arm and I've just thought; would I have to cover the entire thing with the Model Magic or would it stick to the the bracer as it dries? Also, would I need to create an under-structure for this like you did in this tutorial?
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Model Magic will not stick to anything on it's own. Once it's dry, I've had success attaching it to other objects using a generous amount of hot glue or superglue. But note, if the piece is bumped hard enough, the clay that has the glue attached to it will break away from the rest of the piece.

If you are adding details to a bracer, I would add a thin layer of thermo-plastic (or similar) to the inside for stability. It will keep the piece from bending and cracking, and that will also keep it from breaking away from the bracer.
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Great tutorial!  I've working with this stuff alot, but I never thought of using it for armor!  It's awesome that you can sand it!
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Thank you! :) A lot of people think it can't be sanded, but it just take super fine paper and some patience. It's worth the effort!
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Cool!  Thanks for the info! :)
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Amazing! I never even knew this stuff existed! Fantastic tutorial! I'm trying to make a piece of forearm armor for a cosplay and this has helped a lot! Thanks for sharing!
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That's awesome, I'm so glad to hear it helped! :D I'd love to see photos when you're done! :)
Roadkill-Sarny's avatar
Okay, I'll be sure to upload some!  :3
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Def gon use this as a reference :3
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Do you think it would be possible to make gauntlets using this method?
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How did you get the final image around your neck without breaking it? I'm thinking of making a breast plate out of crayola model magic, and would love your advice!
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The collar was pretty thick due to all of the details so it was able to flex slightly when I put it on. Not very much, but just enough to get it around my neck. If you make it thick, and are extremely careful with it, it may be possible to make a chest piece out of it.

I just linked this above, but this cosplay's armor set might also be relevant to your interests -…
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Is this suitable for a whole armour set or just the parts where it's less likely to be moved and touched? :D loved the tutorials by the way, helped tons~
Xero-Cosplay's avatar
So sorry for the incredibly late reply; I fell off the internet for a while. I would not recommend Model Magic for an entire armor set, although I've seen it done. Some people coat the piece with resin to give it strength since even thick pieces can be subject to cracking. This could be an option if you'd like to go that route. Otherwise, be very careful with how it's worn and stored.

Super glad the tutorial was helpful to you! :D

Just found the cosplay I was thinking of- this girl made Priss from Bubblegum Crisis completely out of Model Magic:…
Illusiondragonslayer's avatar
Thank you so much for the reply!:happybounce:  This is my first time making a full set of armor as i have only made chest plates and head pieces before so this was a lot of help because i cant afford things like worbla:happy: Thanks!!
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I used to use model magic a lot when I was first starting, but I always had issues with broken props, It's been a few years and I'm starting to rethink my model magic ban. I wonder, though, if anyone has come up with a solution to how fragile it is...
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This is really fantastic, it never occurred to me to use modeling clay before. 
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So I've made armor and props with crayola before, but is there anything you can do to prevent it from falling apart when wet or sweaty? I even put on paint/primer and it didn't last. 
Xero-Cosplay's avatar
That is an excellent question. I've never tried re-wetting model magic after it's fully dry, but considering how fragile it is, I'm not surprised it would fall apart. I know Akuriko ( created her armor for Zelda out of model magic and then covered it with resin. While I haven't tried it myself, it could be a great way to reinforce it and seal it from moisture.
sugarpoultry's avatar
I've worked with resin, so maybe I'll have to give that a try. I love y our stuff, and her stuff too! Thanks for the response. <3
Xero-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you for the kind words. :) Feel free to contact me anytime you have questions.
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