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A Closer Look at the Filly Funtasia Trailer



Figured I'd practise fiddling around with LaTeX to put up this little opinion piece. It's a look at the trailer, why it's relevant, why it should be getting better response than it is, and where the fandom should go, if anywhere.

Cover image taken from the trailer, used under Fair Use for educational purposes.

Important note: so apparently I missed the shot of Rose in the woods and just thought it was Bella. The point still stands that it seems to be Bella who's responsible for the cupcakes while Rose is the one lying to cover up for it. There might be something about the timing of the shots, too. Anyway, apologies for missing that detail.

Addendum: I mention they have one of the writers of Penguins of Madagascar on the team, as it was listed such on official channels. This is a bit of an exaggeration, I've found, as I can only find one episode written by this person. That said, a little more digging yielded the following:
-Dean Stefan, the person advertised as working on Penguins, did the writing on episodes of Goof Troop, Jackie Chan Adventures, and the Men in Black animated series. He was also the producer for Season 4 of the latter, if I read IMDB correctly.
-one of the writers of Food Fight is on the staff. However, this same writer worked on the Smurfs at the time it was nominated for an Emmy Award, as well as Batman: the Animated Series, which cashed in its nomination. It's also not the one who came up with the story for the movie itself, that credit goes to Lawrence Kasanof and Joshua Wexler.
-from what I can tell, there's mostly veteran writers with works dating back to the eighties and one relative newcomer whose IMDB list starts in the doube O's.
-speaking of veterans, it has one of the writers from DuckTales. Like, the first season.
-two out of five writers worked on Horseland. One developed ten episodes and wrote two, the newcomer wrote one episode. Might mean something.
-on the collective resume, you can also find Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Anywho, I might address this list sometime later, when I have a clearer view of it. I'm just browsing it at the time of writing to get a guess of what to expect. All in all, it seems like a mixed bag, but it does show potential. There's good stuff in those lists, and there's bad stuff. We'll have to see what Filly turns out to be.
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I love how level-headed you are about Filly. One of the top search results for Filly Funtasia was a guy who literally stated he wanted it dead.