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We are the wax dragons.

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AriaFawnProfessional Traditional Artist
This is really neat! I love the title of it, very surreal. I like how it is just made so blatantly from lines and swirls. It is so sketchy but yet has such a neat and specific form.

As for critique, I feel like the figure's left arm looks like it is sort oconnected to their actual back (as if it were growing out near the shoulder blade) maybe you might just want to add some definition with darker lines to bring out the shoulder blade and back muscle so it does not fade into just one mass.

I also feel like in a sense you kind of had a source of lighting going on here coming towards the front of the character but maybe you might darken the lines behind them to make that light more obvious. You may also want to do this on the structures in which the character is crawling out of.

I hope that made sense, all those are pretty minor details and I think this piece is actually quite awesome!:blackrose:
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Thank you so much for the critique! It means a lot to me, I swear.

I did have a light source in mind for this one, but I am completely directionless when it comes to light, so I have lines where there's not supposed to be lines.
Anything with pure white was supposed to be the side that the light was hitting on, which you can almost tell if you take everything out of the picture except the front and back "petals" of the structure.

What lines are you referring to when you say 'darken the lines behind them'?
I'm always a bit confused at where to add shadows to something, so usually I just work with the darkest colors and add light on top of them. You can redline the picture if it makes it easier.

I did get lazy with the lines around the left arm, and I did end up drawing the arm on top of the shoulder, instead of behind it. I would redraw that immediately if I could, but my tabletPC has bit the dust. It had all of my new work on there, too, and I'm not sure if I can save it.

Thank you so much for the critique! And your comments are far too kind. It means a lot coming from you.