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Ice Fairy Cirno

Getting used to the paintstyle, still have lot more to learn tho =)

Featuring Cirno from Touhou Project

Tools: Photoshop
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Wow! This looks elegant.
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I like the angle and the ice flowers! Pretty!
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This is very elegant! I am making MTG tokens right now and would love to use this as one. I do ask your permission first of course and you will receive credit.
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I like Cirno when she's behaved. It looks great.
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. . . *speechless*
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No other comment.

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my second fave touhou character :iconcirnobakaplz:
next to patchy =w=

wish I can pain like you the attention to detail is so awesome the background, the ice shards, the blue cherry blossoms, the water. I love it all gonna look forward to more touhou =w=
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Thank you very much, n sure, will hav more coming up =D
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Like this no.9. The ice shards are simply amazing.
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Thank you very much ^^
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That is one very nice painting ~ luv the feeling XD
Cirno is so adorable >_<
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Thank you ^^
Cirno is <3
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Wow is simply brilliant!, details in drawing i liked enough, the flowers are very creative and beautiful
i see the water is a small whirl under her(?) :noes:
this great in a few words XD
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Thanks very much =D
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Jeez... it's practically impossible to critique something this perfect... at some point it will all comes down to the subjectivity of the viewers like if I were to complain, I would say I want the branch and the flowers to be less blurry so I can see more detail on it and how I don't prefer coloured eyelids. Or how I think there's a bit inconsistencies like how the whole thing is like a painting but some part of the lineart is too smooth.

Still, it's too subjective and my part of rambling is pretty much ignorable. Everything is perfectly composed and blended in harmony, The level of details is simply astonishing. One of my favourite part is definitely the ice.
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