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You know, I have a blog where so much more new stuff is than here …
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my previous entry. I decided to go to Ireland. To a language school. Cheapest solution concerning organisation, quite expensive one in monetary terms. Oh well. What the heck.
To finish my studies of english literature, I need to spend three months in an english speaking country. Originally I thought to spend this time (around july–october this year) in Australia, but unfortunately, this isn't going to happen.

As I would like to study Game Design after my current studies, I would like to improve my skills in drawing and sketching, and thought that a 3-month break I have to take anyway would be a good opportunity to train myself. But where to do that?

Yesterday, I had the crazy idea to ask here on devart, if someone has an idea, where and how I could organize my stay abroad or would be even kind enough to be my host …

Do you think this might work? Or is it just too crazy?
p h o e n : X   r e a s s e m b l e d :
xeophin networlds

weaving a web with words:
tapestry.xeophin (only in german, sorry ...)
Friday, I got my Powerbook back. With a new logic board built in. Kernel Panics reduced to twice a day, which is better than two weeks before, but still to much for a mac, in my opinion.

Nastier is the fact that now the headphone jack is broken. I only get the right channel ... as I often listen music and play games with my headphones, a non-functional headphone jack is no option. Goes back to service.

Are we playing Snakes and Ladders or what? I think, I'd deserve a ladder ...
to have my PowerBook back in my arms. Alas, it won't be of much use. But in my position, one is happy even to touch it.

Yet, this is just the next part of a long, on-going series. Let me tell you what happened so far. Back, in the freezing cold days of a fading february, the screen-hinge of my PowerBook broke. The Mac still worked. Yet, I thought, it could be probably better if it's repaired. I brought it to a dealer. It was taken and promised being repaired in two weeks. After two weeks, I got a notice that the repair would going to cost me 1700 CHF. Screen hinges only break when extreme force is applied, Apple thinks, and damages of this kind are not covered by warranty. Just strange, that obviously quite many people have the same problem. So many people treat their daily companion so roughly? – But of course, this is no hint of a design-flaw. "Designed by Apple in California" means: it is perfect, and no error could ever happen. Thank God.
So, after another three weeks, I got my PowerBook back. Instead of simply a new shell, they replaced the whole display. One without dead pixels, as I happily noticed.

The happiness did not last very long. After two weeks of joyful reunion, one day, the display would stay blank after starting. Instead, the fan roared like a dragon set loose, and it even smelled like one: burned. Panically, I disconnected every cable, removed the battery ––– silence. Hesitantly, I started it up with the battery. It would run. I started it with the power connected. It would run. I worked along for that week-end. Nothing happened. Yet, from time to time, there it was again: a faint smell of burned plastic. The beast was banned, but not dead yet.
Determined to track it down, I opened the back and discovered it: a halfway melted plastic connection. The PowerBook worked – but how long? And then: I paid for a f*****ing AppleCare Protection Plan, I had three years of warranty, and THIS was definitely covered. What to do?

I brought it back to the dealer. It was taken. For two weeks, I heard nothing. Then, this morning, a letter: I could get my PowerBook back. I went. The repair was covered by warranty. And they did not only replace the halfway-melted connection, but the complete logic board. I was happy.
Yet, tales of heroes do not end that easily. Deep in the dungeons of the Apple workshops in the Netherlands, my PowerBook must have been heavily traumatised. It has developed the nasty habit of throwing a Kernel Panic after approx. 2 minutes after starting up. I tried everything: removed one of the memory bars – it crashed. Replaced it with the other one. It crashed. Removed the AirPort-Card. It crashed. Tried to delete the caches. It crashed before the tool completed its task. I made a backup, erased the hard-drive and installed the system again. Or better: I tried. It crashed while installing. What follows? Non-functional logic board. My PowerBook goes back to the Netherlands, probably for another month.

Will it survive?

Will I survive?…
of my own ideas.

should reduce my output to a more brain-dead level.

more free time.

from the netherlands: my powerbook. with a new display. an a huge bill.


at least, i can work the way i used to before the GAU again ...
still a week to wait till i get my powerbook back ...

-ed @ apple store:

1 iPod (40GB)
1 iLife 04 (mostly because of iPhoto with its Smart Albums ... and GarageBand, of course ... ;))
1 GarageBand JamPack (just for the fun of it ... i actually hope to make my own music when i master my RPGs ...)
1 InEar-Headphones (i just hope that the shut the crying babies out every morning on the train ...)

and for the end, tell me one thing: are people really so stupid not to get the function of the wallpaper-section and ceaselessly posting screenshots and inappropriate sized (30 x 60 pixel ...) pictures? thinking wouldn't hurt, sometimes.
from the land of insomnia, the place where the people live that had to much coffee.

so. paper's done. i'm as well. without any incidents, except flooding my desk (and my collected "artwork" from school that was under it), which actually is astonishing that it hadn't happen earlier, as i always have a glass of water on my desk, so this had to happen once.

next: learning for the test in sociology. jeeeezzz ....
website design for a customer, still being worked on - maybe you want to check it out and tell me what you think of it? here it is. just be aware of the fact that this is an ongoing work, not yet finished, and the links don't work at all.

so. i haven't finished my paper yet. better do it now ...
for maintenance. have to write a 20-page paper due in about a week. (about hypertext (mostly about the concepts of ted nelson (who invented xanadu) and tim berners-lee (who invented the world wide web), which is quite interesting, but you always have the feeling that you left out the most interesting part ... you could even write a thriller about the history of html and its different versions and flavours and about the browser wars ... but enuff!))

and are some servers of DA down? i always get «image not found» icons splattered all over the gallery pages ... or is that just because i'm no subscriber? that'd be annoying. i'm not quite sure if i'd like to subscribe ... i'm not good enough that it'd be worth the subscription.

oh well. i'd better finish that paper. and learn for my test ("introduction to sociology" ... *urks*!)
i leave t r a c e s, but currently not on deviantart. forgive me. there is so much to do right now - i don't have time to upload pictures, although i would have some ...

so - better watch these guys and guyesses, they deserve it and are anyway much better than i could ever become ;-)

:iconaap: :iconemp-gear: :iconcreatyves: :iconx-horizon: :iconfritsch: :iconsuzi9mm: :iconseneschal: :iconssilence: :iconenayla: :iconmetulski:
code must be clean.

code must be slim.

code must be efficient.

code has its own aesthetics, only revealed to the adept.

the coder is the priest of the new millennium, spinning the yarns of dreams, of escapes, of solutions, of rules for the life of many.

code is a religion.
- again.

(well – okay. i can't come up with something interesting to say.)
i'll be offline for a week ... go to a hidden place (hmmm ... from where could that be ...) to be alone and have time for my writings. ... and - hey! - a dial-up-connection is almost like offline ...

check out my latest website design: Kibo Physio.

have fun over here ... ;)
just finished reading p. k. dick's «the three stigmata of palmer eldritch». i don't think i got the ending. anyone care to explain?

anyway. i am bored right now, no energy at all. maybe i'll do a sketch for a website this evening. or i go out. or maybe i just stay bored. i wouldn't object that alternative right now.

currently listening: chick corea - summer night / night and day. beautiful.

next thing to read: neal stephenson's cryptonomicon. (if only that book wouldn't look so fat ...)
it's hot. it's hotter, actually. seems europe is in some kind of hyper-super-summer. i can't do a thing, it's too hot. everything i do these days is walking around in the house and occasionally look into the fridge and see what's in there. (not much, actually). basically, i should be writing a play. have to hand in the draft end of august.
and all i manage to do in this heat are logos of products that will (maybe) mentioned there (neuroLink and sense/net enginge), but that are basically completely irrelevant, as there is no use for these logos in the actual staging. so why am i doing this? because it's hot. i guess. maybe even hotter.