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I'm Back by Xentalion I'm Back :iconxentalion:Xentalion 1 12
Mature content
Orbit 15: Wear the face :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 1
Mature content
Orbit 14: Cassandra :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Mature content
Orbit 13: The real thing :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 4
Mature content
Orbit 12: Mine :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Oh noes, easter egg by Xentalion Oh noes, easter egg :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 6
Mature content
Orbit 11: Second Awakening :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Mature content
Orbit 10: Lonely :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Orbit 9: Quasimodo
I look up from my thoughts and meet the cyborg eye of the robot butler that stands before me.
"Yes?" my voice is short, quiet. I do not need to waste time with these inferiors, these machines.
"There is someone here to see you." the voice is metallic, inhuman. Disgusting.
"Show them in." I answer, and look back at my book. A story of love and adventure, a story to distract me from my meaningless existence.
I am seated on a couch of the finest fabrics. This couch is antique, or so my father tells me. The hardwood floor is covered by an oriental rug, from Old Earth.
Unique wooden bookshelves cover the walls, filled with ancient works, made of paper, plastic, and fabric. Old fashioned.
The book in my hands is displayed on a screen. I turn pages by flicking my finger.
The idea of reading a book such as those around me disgusts me.
I catch my reflection in the mirror, my half-face. I look away quickly.
I am hideous.
I am Quasimodo, the hunchback of Prometheus, watching the city from
:iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Mature content
Orbit 8: They :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 0
Mature content
Orbit 7: Snow White :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Orbit 6: Sleeping Beauty
I clutch my forehead. Blood is running down my face, my own blood.
It's amazing I haven't died.
I sit up and examine my surroundings. The remains of the elevator lie behind me, smoldering metal ruins. I somehow managed to escape them before they hit the ground, but can't for the life of me, recall how. The elevator light flickers dimly, hanging from the ceiling by a couple wires.
One word fills my mind. A name.
"Oh gods." I gasp and try to pull away the wreckage, searching for her with my eyes and my hands.
"Please..." I whisper, half sobbing as I throw away bits of wood and scraps of metal. I don't finish my sentence.
I can't find anything. No... no bodies. No limbs.
She must be dead. There's no way she could survive that.
No. She can't be.
I close my eyes, trying to fight back tears, hoping to hear her voice.
I open them and look away from the elevator. The room that I landed in appears to be a long hallway. It is pitch black, and my hand searches the walls for a switch.
:iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 4
Mature content
Orbit 5: Venom :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 3
Orbit 4: Prometheus
For now it's our home. Our planet.
But it's just a surrogate.
We fled from Old Earth while a nuclear war devastated it. Those who stayed behind were devoured by the bombs, or perverted by the resulting fallout. For years, our people lay in cryrostasis, frozen between death and life. Only when Prometheus fell into New Terra's orbit did we awaken.
Five hundred years ago. We've lived off of the artificial ecosystem of this city-moon since then. Breathing air made by trees grown in artificial sunlight, eating food created molecule by molecule.
But Prometheus isn't where we belong.
We're lucky. We can see New Terra from our apartment. I sit on my bed, staring down at our home to be. Blue, green, sandy brown, white. The sea. The land. The clouds.
Every month, a party of space craft fly down to the planet, and pickup those working on the surface, and drop more to replace them.
Our apartment is small, inexpensive. My bed lies near the wide window, and Kitty and Nail's bed is a mete
:iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2
Baby Cthulhu - traditional by Xentalion Baby Cthulhu - traditional :iconxentalion:Xentalion 3 5
Mature content
Orbit 3: Mask :iconxentalion:Xentalion 0 2



Colin Jones
Artist | Digital Art
Hi! My name is Colin Jones and I am a geek.

I write and draw a webcomic called serenaghost. It is about free software, video games, stupidheros, and killer rabbits.

I am also writing a Horror/Science Fiction/Cyberpunk "web series", or a online serial called Orbit. It tells the story of a city-moon called Prometheus which is slowly going mad.

I write computer software and short stories. I like to run when there's no real reason to run, and I like to stand in the rain.
Just busy.

Expect to hear from me again after the 20th of August.



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