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The Story of Emily and Wyll :iconxenru:Xenru 0 0
(Lights up. There's a door in the center of the stage. A young man is walking around it, examining it from every angle but never opening nor passing through it. On either side of him stands a woman, watching his progress.)
B: It's a door?
W1: It is a door.
W2: Definitely a door.
B: A door to what?
W1: To what comes next.
W2: To what come later.
B: What does that mean?
W2: Nothing.
W1: Everything.
B: That's helpful.
(The man sits in front of the door, looking around as though he's lost. He eventually focuses in on the women.)
B: Who are you two?
W1: No one.
W2: No two.
B: What are you doing here?
W1: I'm here to guide you.
W2: I'm here to stop you.
B: Okay, you do realize that the whole spooky, oracle thing is really annoying, right?
(The two women look to one another and shrug)
W1 & W2: Deal with it.
B: (Groans) Can you just tell me why I'm here?
(Neither responds, but they both look at the door.)
B: I have to open the door?
W1: You don't have to open it.
W2: You don't have to
:iconxenru:Xenru 0 0
Child's Play
Up and down,
the story of my life.
A sad tale of being strung out and wound up
racing back and forth, to and from the littoral
ground of my room chasing after the ever
flowing tides of life.
And so I pass.
But then I come here and hold you in my hands again;
a nimbus of radiant green playing off your impeccable sheen
and it all goes away. So we begin to play.
We fly, we dip, we travel round the world,
up the Eifel tower to catch a rocket to the moon
where the cat in the cradle is waiting with a forward
pitch and still home in time to walk the dog.
Never gone for long, is my friend. My hope.
Bound forever by the string of fate
You are my escape
and as we dance I laugh
and the echoes join in and we conflate
our voices and sing in simple fun and -
Oh snap.
You're gone now, and my happiness is
:iconxenru:Xenru 1 0
Sonnet 1
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Or say, in dream, I did first see your face?
Shall I with verse your breath do steal away?
And in my heart for you only make space?
And will you sigh? Your heart do race? Will red
your cheeks invade? Or will you wield your wit
with lover's grace, a caveat well said
your chosen blade? I do shudder at it.
With a devil's smile, you rend asunder
my carefully crafted prose and claim,
my love, that I do fumble and blunder
with clichés so old, they your ears do maim.  
     You beg that to myself I should be true,
     And so I say plainly that I love you.
:iconxenru:Xenru 0 0
Mature content
Valentine's Day :iconxenru:Xenru 1 0
Mature content
Addiction :iconxenru:Xenru 0 2
Mature content
Death To Purses :iconxenru:Xenru 0 8
Mature content
Path s? :iconxenru:Xenru 0 0
Old Days
                                               Play it again Sam.
The brassy harp of angels
                                                                                             with cardboard wings,
the shiny silver tongue of a rambling man
telling tales of wicked women and liquor.
:iconxenru:Xenru 0 0



United States
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Skin of choice: I'm pretty comfortable in mine.
Personal Quote: 'Bad idea, bad idea; it'll be funny.'


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