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If you're a fan of nonhuman women, this is the place for you! We accept everything from aliens to mutants to demons and more! As long as they don't look too human you can submit them here.
We accept all kinds of art, both PG and mature, in any medium.

A xenowoman is a female that looks foreign, strange or alien compared to humans. That does not include female animals, real or imaginary unless they have some humanoid traits.
If you submit anything that doesn't fit with the theme we will deny it.

:bulletblue: Join submissions are open and auto approved for Members.

:bulletblue: All art is accepted as long as it is female and visibly non-human.
:bulletblue: This group is for female identified individuals
:bulletblue: Your work must feature at least one xenowoman. This means that drawings of couples or group shots will be accepted as long as there is at least one xenowoman clearly visible.
:bulletblue: If you are unsure if your deviation will be accepted or where to submit it, you can check out the gallery if there are similar pieces or not, and you can always ask:)
:bulletblue: Submit any OC's in the proper folder, like if you have an OC from Star Trek then submit them in the Star Trek folder.
:bulletblue: We do accept literature, as long as it is clear it includes a xenowoman. It helps if it is fanfiction set in an established movie/game/book universe, or if it is an original story, that you can provide some picture or description of the xenowoman.
:bulletblue: If your submission was denied it most likely you have submitted to the wrong folder or did not fit the theme of the group or the characters xenofeatures might not have been shown well, i.e. if it's an elf with her hair covering her long ears etc.

Here are some examples of what kind of art we do NOT accept:
:bulletred: Art of humans or animals (real or imaginary), unless there is a xenowoman present.
:bulletred: Art of mutants like Storm or Jean Gray from "X-men". While they are mutants, they still look human.
:bulletred: Aliens that look exactly like humans, like the humans from "Star Wars" or the Sebaceans from "Farscape" etc.
:bulletred: Vampires that look like humans, for example like the ones from "Twilight" who just have different eye colors.
:bulletred: While some characters like Maleficent or Poison Ivy, can vary in their depictions in art from human to green skin or pale, we would only accept the deviations that show an unnatural skin color and not the art that depict them with a human skin color.
:bulletred: Futanari/hermaphrodites, unless there is a xenowoman present.

Here are some examples of what we would accept:
:bulletgreen: Vampires, as long as they don't look like humans, for example like the vampires from "Buffy" or "From dusk till dawn".
:bulletgreen: Elves, all kinds.
:bulletgreen: Art of mutants and superheroes like Mystique from "X-men", since she doesn't look human.

Check Gallery Index for the rules of each folder.

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Beauty comes in many forms
Founded 7 Years ago
Mar 20, 2013


2,422 Members
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Inner Monster by Nassima-Amir

Mature Content

Water Nymph by iSlifer
Return of the Dinomancer: now with 100% more tusk! by Harkale-Linai
Cross of solitude by SombraSister
Angels, women with wings
Reginleif the Valkyrie by Mattmankoga

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Angel by tonyc-art
Arwan~2 by Daemonideus
Commission - Syath'rael by Candra
Anthropomorphic animal characters
Extraordinary First Lieutenant Desyn by Avlum-Iami
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Fenarchtris_Sevajra by Stalhammer
Aquatic beings
Hello My Little Treats by love--or--death
Mermay 2020 Day 19 by Zombie-Kawakami
Mermay Day 20 by Zombie-Kawakami
My final #mermay2020 #Pirate by Zombie-Kawakami
Comicbook women and the movie versions

Mature Content

She venom deconfinement by HARKHAN71
|CM| Kirby Owo by GigaMessy
The Incredible She-Hulk by OGYungLilBig

Mature Content

Catwoman,80 years - Venomized (draw2) by AntZurser
Crossovers of any kind
Boa Hancock and Alice by marmewa 2 by Violet-Scales

Mature Content

Boa Hancock and Alice by marmewa 2 Alt by Violet-Scales
#RedrawSailorMorrigan by ArtistOtaku91

Mature Content

Nico Robin and Miia by G-lahndi by Violet-Scales
Demons, succubi and the likes

Mature Content

Potato Maiden Outfit [Commission] by Zeption

Mature Content

Sleep of the Dead by TritiumCG

Mature Content

Fire Elemental by 6Yami6Maru6
Disney xenowomen
Belle Cat - Patreon Reward by LadyKraken
Mulan Tea Fairy - SFW Patreon Poll by LadyKraken
MerMay 2020: Two Left Fins by frankly-art
Angela by theaven
Elves and fairies

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Cora and Tuke by ShinobuThePixie
Young Nemesis.. Hunting In The Forest! by StalinDC

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Bathing ivina by Maxa-art
Two Eldani Lovers by Avlum-Iami

Mature Content

[Cortana] Ready for services! by NaaN-AnA

Mature Content

[NSFW] Cortana by NaaN-AnA

Mature Content

Cortana (Halo) by Super-Sensei
Cortana Halo by BuzzyNSparkle
Hellraiser Cenobites, Tortured Souls

Mature Content

Sanguine Configuration by Sparklemuffin5
Insectoid women
Anna Key... by AngelGhidorah
Legend of Zelda

Mature Content

Ruto's Heart by LeCremeNoir
Mass Effect
Tali Zorah Nar Rayya by Vorazun89
Misc folder, for any other xenowomen
Lilith's new suit by Daemonideus
Nintendo Xenowomen
Isabelle - Animal Crossing by Zuffs
Orcs trolls gargoyles goblins

Mature Content

Moonfires Busty Curse 2 NUDE Cover Art by Paul-Lucas
Other aliens

Mature Content

Artifact Investigation 001 by cwichura
Other games

Mature Content

Fallout 4 Widowmaker by angryangel81
Other mythological beings
Taurus (Sketch) by SBuzzard
Other TV shows, movies, books
My Blue Skinned Paradise Girl by AlexArgentin
Plant-ladies, dryads
Autumn Dryad by FeydRautha81
Pokemon and Digimon
Swall the Swellow by Jo-Vee-Al
#145 Yufine by GigaMessy
Silent Hill

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From Asya with love by Zapor666
Slime and goo girls
A Day In The Life Of Cheru Havensong by Redblaze27
Star Trek
Knives And Surprise! Mirror Ella Attacks! by StalinDC
Star Wars
Commission - Nasaadi Se Ta by point-maitimo
The Swarm is the instrument of my will. by Starforgemj
Wallflower by VioletteTheViolent
Synthetic women
Revive Revibe head study by Bojaking
The Elder Scrolls
Do Not Let Them Dictate Your Free Will by K4nK4n
Vampires and undead beings

Mature Content

Jeanette Voerman (SFW) by Candra
World of warcraft
Departing of the Dark Lady by Daisy-Pushing
Xenomorphs and Yautja
Predators: Our Hunting Grounds by GrimSoldier001
Child-friendly Gallery
Hobbit Character Sketch by Chocolate-Pyrus



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TheScarletDragon1 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Ok.... I'm leaving the group (Not that it really makes a difference), but I just want to voice why. It feels almost impossible to post anything here. Like y'alls folder and approval system needs a ton of work. If I post an anthro dragon character you'd think I'd be fine to post it in "Anthropomorphic animal characters" right? But no. Its a luck of the draw for someone comes up and says "Ah ah ah, this need to go in "Reptilians" or any other random folder. Or like me just posting a "Hollow Knight " fanart. There is no "Hollow Knight" Folder.... Alright then so I should post it in "Insectoid women", and that should be good, right? NOPE! Apparently it needs to go in the "Other games" folder. And wtf is with the "Misc folder"?  If thats an option, what qualifies for it! Ngl I'm in tons of groups, and I upload to all of them at one time and reminder the rules and folders for each. But this is literally the ONE group that almost always declines my stuff. I know this is a bit of a rant, but this is the only time ive ever had to leave a group for this kind of thing. I hope you improve, but I'm done.Peace  
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2020
That's fine. You don't have to approve or appreciate or understand how the folders are sorted, but we have a sytem behind it and will stick to it. Easiest way to understand is just read the description + rules.

TheScarletDragon1 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Oh... Well I'm glad you took the time to reply to my "Unappreciative" and/or "unintelligent" comment (Really well worded btwSign Emoji-05 (Ok or money) ). Still, I've read the folders descriptions and the (lengthy) folder rules (I even mentioned that I'm careful about that stuff, in the first comment). What I am TRYING  to voice is that if you have a system with multiple folders that have names that mean pretty much the same thing, its not a very user friendly system, and people will get confused. I understand it doesn't feel the best to hear criticism about something you've made, but I believe most folks would see that as a legitimate one.

Beyond that, I really wasn't planning to follow up on this post, but I really didn't 
appreciate you implying that I was just ignorantly complaining on the subject. Please don't belittle someone, just because they offer a critique you don't care for. Thumbs Up 
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2020
I take the critique serious, I just don't agree in this case. 
We have this many folders, because dA has a limit on how much art can go into one folder and we split them up, once a certain amount of art is reached.
Especially, anthro is pretty stuffed, so we made the reptile and insect folder to spread the art. Plus, it makes it easier for people who are looking for specific topics. Those we have happened to stick out most and are the prefered topics of the members.
Sunny-X-Ray Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I started an art raffle, is it possible to post it into the groups gallery? :)

Sunny-Rays ART RAFFLE by Sunny-X-Ray
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2020
Yes, you may
Sunny-X-Ray Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ! :D
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2020
Hmm... what would be the right folder for this one?

Mature Content

Chibi April - Divine Intervention by Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2020
She is not from a fandom as I understand? You tagged her as demon, so you could put her in the demon folder. If you think that is not fitting, you can always go "misc"
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2020
Not a fandom, no. She's from an RPGmaker game. She's tagged as a demigoddess, not a demon (for most of the game's story, she doesn't know what she is - sometimes she looks human, other times she's a glowing humanoid energy being. It's not until the very end that she becomes a full Goddess).
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