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Canine Color Genetics - Final


After month's of planning, it's finally here folks!

Hopefully if you follow the directions in the 'How To' section, it is pretty self explanatory.

I wanted to make an interactive Flash 'dress up' application that applies the theory of canine color genetics based on what I've learned from the following artists:


If you come up with cool combinations, though, I'd love to see them (save your work by clicking 'Print Screen' button and save it on Photoshop or your favorite art editing software) :)

This is also my very first time making a Flash animation so bear with me. It has been very difficult trying to learn enough of Flash/coding just to accomplish what I'm trying to do here.

These were the tutorials I found most helpful :

I'm also trying to get a lot of the kinks worked out of it, such as shrinking it down so it's all visible on the screen. For now, it is more easily viewed if you download it.

So if any of you are much more Flash-savvy, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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used:  Blue- Female by 1422022  Is it okay if I use it like this.. if not then I'll take it down just let me know plz
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This was fascinating and I really appreciate the amount of effort that went into this

Decided to make this mutt XD
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What about floppy ears & different tail styles? What's there is perfectly drawn & I want to use it so bad but no floppy ears.
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This thing is about colors instead of other traits, so I think the creator meant to draw a mutt dog to show how these colors/markings apply to dogs in general!
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he ws born in fir and tht killld hi s  mommy nd his daddp lef hinm all lonly. so thn he kill hes siblns andc  his dad ws al l1k3 "boy rhe heck di u jus do" an pwndX-x-Xfire the dragonlord ws so sad he kill himsfle an now wwww he sad n haunt dd 4ve2er

so sorry please forgive me
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What the heck is that typing-

This is amazing!!  How do I download it?
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  You press the deviant Art download button on the right hand side.  It's not like downloading an actual program.  It's just a link.  
Hope that helps.
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This is amazing! I totally love it :D
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Wow I really love this! This is a very cool idea and I am so glad you decided to make this! It is very helpful! :)
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The Best Thank You So Much!!!!!! Big happycry Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] Racing Girl Emoji (Pretty Please Onegai) [V3] Ene (Smile) [V7] Rainbrony okie   ^^
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So amazing, thank you ;v;
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This is really awesome! I wish I knew more about genetics as far as writing it out. All those letters :faint: 
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It'b be cool if there was something on the bottom that gave the genotype. Or if there is something like that, I probably haven't noticed it.
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Haven't learned how to do that yet, but I would love to if I ever remake this. That's why I made the allele guide. But this deviant did a pretty good job of that:
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Thank you so much for this! I am a moron with genetics and this really helps!
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This is gorgeous, wonderful job! :D Very fun!
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Oh my gosh, this is so cool. I love how you can combine everything, you put a lot of work into this!
The only think that I noticed from clicking around is that some of the things don't stay within the lines of the dog, but yanno, with all the work you've put into it, you can probably wait for a bit before that needs to be fixed. The entire thing itself is amazing. @_@
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Yey, all those things out of the lines really bugged me too. The thing is, I was on a time crunch to get this done, since apparently Flash files can just randomly crash/become corrupted an unrecoverable at any moment(which was what happened to the one before this) and I would have to start from scratch. So I just settled for 'close enough' in the lines, in case something happened and I would not be able to finish.
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On the files crashing thing: Save in iterations and save every so often. That way if one iteration corrupts/crashes you haven't lost -all- you work. So save Filename01, then after some more significant work save Filename02, then more work, Filename03. If Filename03 breaks, then you sill have the work up to that point. It also allows you t go back if you made a change you don't like anymore and for some reason can't go back and remove or something.
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Aha, completely understandable. ...I'm going to have to watch my Flash files carefully now, paranoia sets in! :ohnoes:
Either way, this is super fantastic, and it is really really cool to play around with. :la:
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