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You Are Umasou 

You guys are in for a treat , the complete version of ''You are Umasou'' on Youtube . One of the best dinosaur movies ive seen in years .  Ive just watched it again and i wanted it to share with you Groovy amigos and amigas too , cause everyone deserves to see this Awesome and cute dinosaur anime movie . Please let me know whatcha think of it afterwards 

(I do not own the rights to this movie)
For this whole month im finally going to draw all the requests people have ask me to draw . But i will say that afther these im probally not taking any more requests  , i love to draw freely and as i please and taking requests kinda feels more like a chore to me . If i see a cool idea from someone in the comments i may do it if i want to or feel like it but for now i wont take any more actual requests .
Last weekend i went with my whole family of my dads side to my favorite theme park : The Efteling . It was once again a great day and i had alot of fun .:D (Big Grin)  

Me with my family :D (Big Grin) 
Just got back from watching Jungle book , like Goosebumps it came later in my land but this time only a few days . I really like the original disney version of the Rudyard Kipling novel , i haven´t read the book  but it´s one of my most favorite disney movies and even know it was not really what i expected i thought also this version was awesome . The backgrounds are beautifull , they designs of the animals are really cool and some of the voice actors like Bill Murray from Ghostbusters , are quite funny . Shere Khan was just awesome in this movie , he really was a badass . I didn´t like Kaa´s design verry much from the original but in this movie she´s really cool , almost everything you would expect from a life action movie snake , btw she was huge , did she ate one of those flowers from Anacondas 2 or something like that but i wish she was more in the movie . The animal fights were pretty need too . When did you actually see Bagheera and Shere Khan fight in the original movie right? I also liked that they put some original elements like the intro music and the songs in this . But i have still some problems with it , like i said it would be cool if kaa was more in the movie and the ending could have been done better and i´m not a huge fan of some of the too cutesy animal scenes but i still really like this movie , it could have been done better but its good ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) Thumbs Up 

  (I do not own this picture)