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Always stay ''Groovy'' and ''Dinocool'' 8-)
Ima huge Dino and monster/creature geek , everything that looks badass and has Razor sharp teeth is amazing to me !


SPOILERS: Holy fuckING SHIIIIT!!! This movie is mothersharking Awesome , i really enjoyed it . I already knew this was gonna be a big b monster movie so i didnt think to much about and what i got was really amazing , its defenitly beter than Jurassic World fallen Kingdom . It gives much more that you want than that movie , even tho the intro is kinda Jurassic Park like . This whole movie kinda feels like Jp meets Deep blue sea meets.. whats that movie called again? oh yea Jaws . I also really enjoyed the comic relief characters , although its sad they died . Why couldnt Franklin from Jurassic world not die instead of Toshi and The Wall , its always good comic relief characters that die . Jason Statham was offcourse a total badass and probally the most badass character of the whole movie , the little girl was hilarious as well , it did have alot of simple yet likeable characters . It also really well shot and has beautifull animation , like some of the bodem of the ocean , its just unbelieveable . The Megalodon herself looked really great , its truly a total badass and some moments you do feel a little intimidated by it . My favorite scenes are when the Meg eats those two whales and when shes bleeding to death and al those smaller sharks start to eat her . I got some ''Walking with dinosaurs'' vibes from that scene , hell i could just litteraly hear Kenneth Branagh say ''the biggest predator the world has ever known is now nothing more than a banquet for its modern day relatives'' . It has also some badass and great action scenes , heck even tho comedy is pretty funny . Although there are a few problems . Some moments feel a little cliche like when one of the main characters her father dies , there are too many people who sacrifice themselves and like i said the begining is pretty Jurassic Park knock off . But he like i said when you dont think too much about it and just want to have a good time , this is a really great and awesome monsterflick . I highly recommend it , probally my favorite movie of the year . If you wanna see mindless action with a Megalodon and Jason Statham than this movie is for you Give it a watch , you wont be disapointed .B-) (Cool) :D (Big Grin) 
The Big Tooth by XenoTeeth3
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the meg
(I do not own the right picture)

Lake monster
Once again not a request but something i wanted to make while its still summer (and like i said im still working on those requests) . A few weeks back while i was swimming in a channel , all of the sudden i imagined a creature with a jellyfish like head and spider eyes sticking its head above the water . And so came this freak to be . My own version of a lake monster , i took alot of reference from spiders , frogs and offcourse ''The Gillman'' , Heck you could call it my own version of the Gillman . I actually watched ''The creature from the Black lagoon'' yesterday and freaking Loved it . I can see why this is a classic and why it became so well known , The Gillman himself was a really badass creature as well. I do recommend it for all monster lovers. I do have to make a fight between the Gillman and my monster as well one day . 

This creature is a fast swimmer and has both really powerfull jaws and great eye sight . Its a prehistoric monster from another dimension in wich fish like amphibians developed more arachnid and humanoid traits like the bipedal stand and the spider like eyes . Its an ambush predator that attacks from either the deep like a shark or close to the shore like a crocodile . Its build heavier and less agile like the Gillman and because of its short legs its not a fast runner on land , whoever it is stronger and more aggresive than the Gillman , also more animalistic but still possess a great level of intelligence.
Name: Lake monster
Residence: Lakes , ponds and or swamps in the United States and Europe 
Species: Prehistoric extradimensional fishlike amphibian 
Size: 7 to 8 feet tall
Weapons: Razor sharp claws and Teeth , strong jaws , super sight , super strength , sharp chest scales .
Food: Humans , dogs , sheep , practically anything it can capture 
Abilities: fast swimmer , amazing eye sight , can bite a human head clear off , ambush attacker  
Weakness: Bullets (and lots of them)
Just saw ''Teen Titans Go to the Movies'' online (cause they only show this movie in the Netherlands in dutchAnnoyed) and i never thought i would say this about Teen Titans Go but this movie ROCKED! It had alot more brain and heart to it than the show and alot of jokes were actually pretty clever and laugh at loud funny . Slade aka Deathstroke was a really fun villain as well  , plus that epic end credits scene B-) (Cool) So Teen Titans Go to the Movies is indeed alot of fun Raven Smile Plz Raven: *GASP!* Awesome Island Dance Star Starfire's Victory Dance Island Dance Beastie Noddin Robin *REQUEST* Real Heavy Weight Island Dance Cy 


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