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Conkrix soldier of Unification War times by XenosX-219TY Conkrix soldier of Unification War times :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 2 0 Conkrix space wanderer by XenosX-219TY Conkrix space wanderer :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 1 0 The Great Insurrection beginning by XenosX-219TY The Great Insurrection beginning :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 3 1 Conkrix reference sheet v.1.1 by XenosX-219TY Conkrix reference sheet v.1.1 :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 6 1 Technoarchy conkrix cyber-thralls by XenosX-219TY Technoarchy conkrix cyber-thralls :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Precursor species by XenosX-219TY Precursor species :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 3 0 Conkrix gods by XenosX-219TY Conkrix gods :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Conkrix reference sheet by XenosX-219TY Conkrix reference sheet :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Cult of The Black God by XenosX-219TY Cult of The Black God :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 2 Reborned Empire warriors redesign by XenosX-219TY Reborned Empire warriors redesign :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Dr. Uldrak needs a new patient by XenosX-219TY Dr. Uldrak needs a new patient :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 2 0 Biomancer Contagos by XenosX-219TY Biomancer Contagos :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Moored 'Pulsar' by XenosX-219TY Moored 'Pulsar' :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Mad Machine by XenosX-219TY Mad Machine :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 4 0 Norvius by XenosX-219TY Norvius :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 3 0 Burning Dawn order knight by XenosX-219TY Burning Dawn order knight :iconxenosx-219ty:XenosX-219TY 2 1


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Conkrix soldier of Unification War times
Returning to their home planet, the conkrixes met their relatives there who survived the darnath invasion and lived in an collectivist theocratic society.
The former slaves were first accepted by the survivors, but then disagreements began. Some conkrixes guided by traditions, others – by considerations of efficiency.
The rivalry of these parties lasted for several centuries. During this time, conkrixes reached the pre-space level of technological development. By that time, the world was governed by 3 states: the Razzgardian Empire (authoritarian imperialists), the Nirravai Republic (technocratic internationalists), the Ev-Drazza Hierarchy (theocratic collectivists).
In the end, the Unification War began, during which the Razzgardian Empire and the Nirravai Republic united into the Reborned Empire and defeated the Ev-Drazza Hierarchy.

The drawing shows the conkrix soldier of the times of the Unification War, as well as the emblems of the leading states (from top to bottom: the Empire, the Republic, the Hierarchy).
Conkrix space wanderer
The concept of conkrix space wanderer.

After the victory over the Technoarchy, the conkrixes, using the remnants of the darnath databases, began to search for their home planet, Rix'attar.

This search lasted about twenty years. Former slaves traveled in space on the ships of Technoarchy. But conkrixes could researched only a part of the darnath technologies .

Therefore, instead of advanced spacesuits, space wanderers wore torn clothes and primitive armor, and used handcraft mass drivers as weapons.
The Great Insurrection beginning
Cyborg conkrixes turned out to be really effective troops. By their numbers they easily suppressed the nobilay warriors in the war of the Technoarchy against the Kardis Divine Empire. Using them, the darnaths carried out the genocide of billions of nobilays, military and civilian. The Divine Empire was trampled into the mud and destroyed.

But the last strike of the Empire made the victory of the Technoarchy Pyrrhic.The last of the last space battle fleets destroyed the slave control center, a gigantic computing machine responsible for the obedience of the conkrixes.

And, despite the fact that the fleet was destroyed, the Technoarchy began to crumble. The ability to think independently returned to the cyber thralls. The darnats turned defenseless, as they completely abandoned the robotic army in favor of the cyborg slave troops.

The conkrixes’ first attack on darnaths happened. During the disarmament of the army, one of the slaves armed with a pistol attacked at one of the scientists of the Technoarchy. This conkrix later became known as Scarrak Darioth, the rebel leader.

The Great Insurrection has begun.

In the picture, Skarrak with a scorched face kills a darnath scientist. This is that same first attack.
Conkrix reference sheet v.1.1
New version of the conkrix reference sheet.

Change log:
— Minor changes of text and pictures.
— The memory is reduced by half.
— Added "Home planet" and "Evolution" sections.

If you are an English-speaking person and found a grammatical mistake, please report to me.
Technoarchy conkrix cyber-thralls
When relations between the Kardis Divine Empire and the Technoarchy deteriorated again, the imperial engineers developed weapons based on an electromagnetic impulse that could easily disable the robotic troops of the Technoarchy.

But spyes of the Technoarchy learned about this and the dartnathian state began to prepare countermeasures for electromagnetic weapon of the Empire. Then the Technoarchy found the conkrixes – a strong and prolific species, suitable as new troops. Darnaths completely destroyed the conkrix state and enslaved its population, beginning to inject control microchips into their heads, subordinating them to the will of darnaths.

So, in the army of the Technoarchy, new troops appeared - cyber-thralls. Their control microchips were immune to EMP, and these thralls were completely subordinate to their masters, ignoring fear and pain.


No journal entries yet.


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Hello everybody.

I'm Xenos, a Russian hobby artist. It's a little difficult for me to write in English, but I'm trying.
In general, I draw concepts to my sci-fi setting. Different forms of life, technologies, weapons, etc.
I'm DON'T draw commission.
For now, that's all.

Если что, я сюда выкладываю далеко не все свои рисунки. В моей ВК-группе актив заметно бóльший

Вот ссылка


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