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Crimson Demon Ryn

By Xenosnake
D-d-d-d drill!!!! XD

Um... Gah I forgot what to type...>_>

Ryn my OC


Eh... forgot the string...>_>
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Henshin-Ikeda's avatar
Like the eye patch and outfit :)
NeagyanVShironoa's avatar
A really nice design which reminds me of kinda Black Rock Shooter OC or Vocaloid. I'm pretty jealous of you. ^^
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stasik11's avatar
looks like a vocaloid ^^
SweetDarklightDevil's avatar
wow she is cute and cool ^^
Akuma: i love her dress *evil gin*
Xenosnake's avatar
Thanks!\('w' )
SweetDarklightDevil's avatar
me&Akuma: No problem! *gin*
Mig515's avatar
Asteeeg! :D

Ganda ng concept! :3
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Gnome64's avatar
i love this picture.
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Thank you! ^_^
probably one of the best pictures i have seen in my entire life... wow...
Xenosnake's avatar
Wow really? O_O Thank you very much! >_<
cotechi's avatar
i love every OC of yours! but specially this one ~~
Xenosnake's avatar
Thank you!! ^_^
JackSquash's avatar
Eh, hay ^^; I saw this on Photobucket and used her for an OC in a roleplay I have ^^;
I hope you don't mind, I can change it if you prefer. I didn't know...
Xenosnake's avatar
Eh it ok.. ^_^
MetalLearner's avatar
Like the eye-patch; gives her a somewhat dangerous look :D
alchykiller's avatar
wow thats really cool!
Xenosnake's avatar
ayeshauzmakhan's avatar
Woah!!! Nice!!!! I like it!! I wish I could draw like that!!! Hair+ outfit= Spiffyness
Xenosnake's avatar
Thank you very much! ^_^
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