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Commissioned Framedoll: Lune by Xenosnake Commissioned Framedoll: Lune :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 23 5 VRChat Model Download: Framedoll 219 Base Body by Xenosnake VRChat Model Download: Framedoll 219 Base Body :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 27 1 Horizon body type by Xenosnake
Mature content
Horizon body type :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 20 3
I'm a what Summoner? Chapter 2 Athelil
A memory of that night I came to this world, I thought I have forgotten… Or I tried to forget. It still filled me with dread remembering that eye. Come to think of it, that red eye looks a bit like mine. Several times larger though…
Raleigh: Well I better get some rest. I only have a week to spend time with Sis, before she goes to the city.
I collapsed soundly under my sheets. First time using magic made me tired.
[Few Hours later]
I was abruptly awoken by Landry, who seemed to be crying.
Landry: Raleigh! Wake up!! They go Mom and Dad!! *with tears covering her eyes*
Raleigh: W-Whats happening?! Mom?! Dad?!
Our maid enters my room and hurriedly locked my door.
Maid: Young masters Im afraid we are running out of time, we must go right now!
Raleigh: Elise?
Landry: Raleigh!! *still crying*
Elise quickly grabbed my sheets and quickly made ropes from it. But a sudden knock, no a slam on my door caught our attention.
:iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 1 5
Ke6uuqtr6gtbdljro0urcwcawp9wy8rn by Xenosnake Ke6uuqtr6gtbdljro0urcwcawp9wy8rn :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 8 0
I'm a what Summoner? Chapter 1 A New World
Ra… leigh…
Wake up, Raleigh…
I slowly open my eyes, and beside me is a girl… She has short blonde hair, and beautiful heterochromatic eyes, crystal blue on the right and forest green on the left. This girl is my new sister age 10…
Also did I mention she is a wolf girl?~
My sister, Landry is of the beastkin tribe. Well a half blood. Her father is a human while her mother is a pureblood. 
[as Landry crept closer to me]
Landry: C’mon Raleigh! its breakfast time!
[I get up as fast as I can, before she gets any closer!]
Raleigh: Okay Sis, I’m up! Let me just get ready and I’ll head down stairs.
[Landry ruffles my hair and heads downstairs]
Landry: See you downstairs, little brother~ (with a weird look on her face)
I fix myself up. Looking at the mirror, this is really a new life for me. Compared to how I looked in my previous life, I look quite good! I now have dark red hair, and bright red eyes. A lot of people found my re
:iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 3 5
Raleigh Ainsworth by Xenosnake Raleigh Ainsworth :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 8 3
I'm a what Summoner? Chapter 0
I’m a what summoner? [Chapter 0 Meeting the other God]
“Whoa its almost like a blizzard out there, internet seems down… Damn nothing to do, guess gonna crank up the heater and go to sleep”
[in a black empty void]
“W-what is this? Am I having a dream?"
A sudden burst of light above and a voice rumbled into the void….“Finally caught one!!” said the voice. It sounded like multiple people speaking in unison.
The human cowered in fear, “where am I? What kind of dream is this?”
The voiced laughed saying, “Silly little one you are already dead. Well your physical body at least”
“W-what? How? Is this hell? Please this is just a nightmare right? Or a really bad joke!” Nervously asked by the human.
“I guess dying in your sleep left you confused, it appears you died from Carbon dioxide poisoning. Also this is not hell we are currently outside the grasp of your
:iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 1 10
VRChat Model Download: Lambeo by Xenosnake VRChat Model Download: Lambeo :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 41 21 Internet vs real life by Xenosnake Internet vs real life :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 13 8 Spooders by Xenosnake Spooders :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 18 9 VRChat Model Download: Rom by Xenosnake VRChat Model Download: Rom :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 30 13 VRChat Model Download: Balthea XX by Xenosnake VRChat Model Download: Balthea XX :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 88 8 [MMD] Balthea XX [Download] by Xenosnake [MMD] Balthea XX [Download] :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 23 10 B9 by Xenosnake
Mature content
B9 :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 14 4
B7 by Xenosnake B7 :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 17 6
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I made a ko-fi. D:

I originally planned on making newer models as buy to download. But decided to just make them all free. Still if ye guys would like to see more of my framedolls ye can support me with ko-fi... =w=

I kinda feel this PC is on its last legs. So im saving up for a new one... @_@



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Jellyberryy Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019  New Deviant
you have lily rain or crimrose model ? pls a i need it >u<
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Sola323 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2018  New Deviant
i love ur models
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Unit-9078 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your models are amazing seriously, and zenny thanks for the watch \[T]/
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AkaiiHikarii Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
your models are like pokemon gonna catch'em all great work ^_^ i've been using the BlackRabbit one for a long time but i feel like i'm missing some of them do you have a link were i could get them are they are like limited edition ?
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XxxFaZeBearxxX Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
aaa i love your modules for vrchat! it's really sad that people would rather take their chances on using models that are only for mmd use rather than use these or other vrc modules that can be found on bowlroll.
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