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13. Glimpse (KOS-MOS) 💙
12. Glimpse by SweetPoring
Hey Everyone!. As a massive fan of Xenosaga!. I wanted to announce as a filmmaker!. I will be working hard on another direct sequel movie to the Xenosaga trilogy.


I also cant forget about Xenosaga IV. The movie I worked on years ago. Honestly its not that great but hey its good to keep the spirit live for the series!. 
Thank you for accepting me here. I need your help because a friend of mine is in need of the 3D model of T-Elos precisely of the Xenosaga 3. He wants this 3D model to make a gift for me. If possible, if anyone can give me a download link for the 3D model of T-Elos, please contact me.
3 years later and here's the only comment here lol.
Is this group dead?