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.:Ravians, the Blacklight:.

From the poll I had for what people would want in adopts, dragons came top.

Here's is breed #2 of 3.
This breed is the Blacklight Ravian. These are a little less common from the firework breed and are being sold for $20 each
The Soundwave breed will have to be posted at a later time as it's too late right now to make it. xD

NOTE: Though the ref shows a flame, they do NOT breath fire. It was just easier to draw and recolor a flame than it is to draw and recolor a firework display. xD 

This gal is the second of the Ravian species, the first of the Blacklight breed. Just like my Firework guy, I haven't thought of a name or backstory yet.  

Name: TBD
Species: Blacklight Ravian
Breath shot: Red orange
Gender: Female
Age stage: Adult, age 236 years

There are three breeds of Ravians: Firework, Blacklight and Soundwave.

Ravian Species: (as a whole) Are large night and day time active dragons whose bright glow is displayed best in the night sky. Their wings display bright colors that one would see in a firework display of which they breath. Ravians unlike other dragons don't breath streams or blasts of fire. Their breath element is in the form of fireworks, shooting a sparkling shot with the same whistling sound of a firework shooting upward, the end result being a bright, colorful explosion which bares the same colors their bodies display. Their mouths are designed a bit differently as the flaps of skin connecting the jaws are extended to act as a tube. These help its shots head forward instead of risking a misfire.  Their bodies are thin with their own unique wing and tail patterns and colors, each unique color patterns are made up of four colors. When bred, the offspring would have two colors from the female and two colors from the male. Males would try to impress the females by giving off a wondrous display of fireworks, the ones with the most impressive display would be paired up and usually mate for life. There have been rare times where a firework display set off by humans has attracted a Ravian accidentally as they are attracted to and/or interested in bright colorful objects.

Ravian Blacklight(species): Blacklights are named by their neon-color display which is only seen in darkness. Durning the day they are dull in different shades of black and grey. Any sign of it baring markings are a lighter grey on its darker body, the skin of the markings being different from the rest as it bares light-educing traits.  They are kinda like the gargoyles of the species, being near stone like in color till night/darkness activates their cells' luminescence traits. While the Firework species has their display all the time, Blacklight Ravians have the most impressive display of their species despite the day-time dullness. They still have a firework element to their breath, they too being able to have a sparkler effect to their jaws from slight releases of their said element. A full force firework from a single strong blast out. Though for Blacklights, their firework shot is different in day and night. During the day their firework shots are dull and colorless, though at night their blast is as colorful as their display. The more colorful the Ravian, the more impressive their firework shot will be. For the Blacklight, their display glows as if they were under, as its name, a blacklight, giving it a near neon or radioactive looking glow.  

As for the next question, Would you be interested in owning one?
I am not sure if these are original enough or if this kind of dragon design was within the desired range. 

If you do buy one.
You are NOT allowed to make offspring or make your own Ravian. You can however buy another design, offspring or not, from me as these are a 'closed species'. I will make other closed species adopts if my adopts go over well.
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This is wonderfully detailed, seriously stunning!
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Thank you! <D
Now to make other colorations and hope people will buy them lol. 
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You're welcome! Good luck~