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I finished the Dark storyline for sonic adventure 2 a few weeks ago so I had this sitting in my computer for a long time. So here's a shadow before I go off to stab my oc in the eye for Goretober. :D
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Also i like the texture brush you used <3
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I love how you did this! I love the angle and everything about it is awesome! Great job!
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I smell badass here!!
ah of course it is Shadow xD He looks amazing in your style :heart:
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Thank you, I always liked this final stage on Sonic Adventure. It's fitting for shadow. :D
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I'm far from a sonic fan, but this is awesome!
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There he is.
My beautiful edgy son.
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Oh wow, Shadow looks amazing in this!
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I have Shadow's game for gamecube. been so long since I played it. OMG its difficult, even in the beginging, it just starts you off by fallings, makes you move so fast, you just have to learn it on your own x.x
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I used to love shadow the hedgehog when I had it for PS2, until I played it again on a dolphin emulator recently. ^^;
I dunno if it's simply dated controls or me being too used to the tight controls in sonic generations. But man was it floaty. Still if you get past the constantly replaying of westopolis, floaty controls and the plot holes; I have a guilty pleasure for it :'D
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im thee same, so many people hate it, call it Edgy. True its "Edgy", has its glitches, like I will be on the ark, everything fine, suddenly I just fall through the floor and die, but its a guilty pleasure of mine too. I don't care how hated it is, that game is fun xD
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It's very edgy, takes itself too serious and the story confuses me. :lol:
Still yeah, I like it. I was a bored preteen when it came out so it's nostalgic to me. I like it more for gameplay mostly, though I can't remember the glitches. I'll have to continue my play through of it to see if I run into any. :D
But first I have to beat the Sonic story in adventure 2.
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indeed it does, same here xD
Agreed, its the gameplay itself why I like it.
There was another time when I was playing in the ruins, I fell, I just kept falling, I fell out of the game, it was just a blue screen, I literally kept time with how long he fell, 30 straight minutes, I had to go back to restart the mission on pause because he just kept falling lol
I haven't played Sonic Adventure 2, I hear its one of the best Sonic games though
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