Are my commission prices reasonable?
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By xenokurisu
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i think they are, but I put no, since I really don't buy. But lots of people will, since you're a good artist. Keep them the same. <3
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I'd say the prices were great if I wasnt too broke to afford any commissions.
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Compared to what I've seen from other artists, you're prices are very reasonable for the level of work. The fact that you include background/scenery makes it even better. I know a lot of people won't pay that much for a picture, but there are also a lot who will. Good luck~ ❤
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Eh... Other than chibi, the prices seem a BIT too high to me... Maybe a dollar or so per stage up from chibi. That's just my opinion, though.
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How much more do you need, Crystal?

I'm happy to donate as well as commission.
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I think I may tweek how you priced things but other then that it looks fine.
what I would suggest is;
$15 chibi / half body no significant background (IE a solid color, or something that takes no more the 3 seconds to stick behind the character),
$20 half body full background / full body no significant background,
$30 full body & full background.
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Fairly so if memory serves...
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I don't know what people are complaining about- your commissions are Cheap.
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You're prices are very fair, but if you feel you are not getting commissions I would do a sale to bring the crowd in. :la:
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Um, Xenny is doing a sale at the moment...
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Oh right, hmm well I don't know the details if she's having trouble getting commissions or not. =/
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They aren't cheap by any means, you're on the upper middle range of what other people charge for this level of work.
If you aren't getting enough work at these prices, I'd be surprised. That said, if you're wanting to get more people to commission you, do a sale. I followed you when I was considering commissioning you, and I will admit the price was part of what kept me from contacting you, but I have gotten cheated a lot lately, so the prospect of paying upper middle prices rather than looking for the rare bargain didn't sit well with me.
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More reasonable than :iconmagion02: yes, even though he does have higher quality work... I did pay 70 USD just for this:

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Yes, they're price very reasonably. :) If I was more flush with cash, you'd be getting a constant stream of commissions from me Xenchan. :hug:

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