So...What happened?

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I've been trying to put my thoughts together for like...4 weeks now? It's been difficult. Been mentally drained and depressed. So...What happened? Let me try and explain:

Last month, me and hubby got into an argument like no other. It was bad timing on some things, but it happened. After that night, I thought things were moving forward slowly, but surely. Sadly, that was not the case. A week later, it flares up again, we argue, and he's off

without a second thought about anything he left behind. Me, his job, our home, everything.

I quit my job in September to do better with my art, so he was my source of income and help along with our roommate Krogan. I understand there was so much anger and he needed some time away. But he has no plans on ever returning or helping. Bills, rent and anything else is on me(and roommate). This is the extreme short version.

It's frustrating, and it hurts so much. I just don't have the time to stay still. I've got to make

sure we're not homeless or things don't get shut off. If it means I'm forever an art slave to those that order art. So be it, I will get through it.

So thank you dear lovelies for helping any way you can.

You have no idea how appreciative I am for the support.

If you want to order more, please, please do. It will take some time but I will get to it.

If you want to support me through patreon, that is also an option.

Anything other way I can't think of right now, please and many thank yous.

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God. That really sucks. I hope your husband comes back. I'm sorry this happened.
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I'm so sorry to hear. :( :hug: Here's hoping things will get better from here. 
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Hoooooooly... man, that really sucks. I wish I could reach through the screen and give you an actual hug if it would help you feel better. *hugs Xenny-chan*

In the meantime, any ideas I have for commissions, I'll send as many as I can afford your way. 

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*glomp* of course I'll help anyway I can