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How's it goin darlings? Holding out okay?

This year is almost over. It has to get better then...right?

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I know that that's what my colleagues are all saying, "this year's nearly over, next year's gotta be better...right?" but honestly? I can't see things getting magically better just because we change our calendars for another year.

C'mon universe, I want you to PROVE ME WRONG

I'm a realist, and a Scout: Hope for the best, but Be Prepared. xD

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I'm not saying it'll be a magical thing, as awesome as it'll be. I'm just saying that with everything that has happened already, it should at least start to get better rather than worse. I guess we'll see.

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Well like I said, I hope that that will be the case. :) But unfortunately, I doubt it will be, especially here in the UK - too many idiots on the streets not following the medical guidelines, most of the medical guidelines being given are too little, too late, and just too poorly-enforced... :shrug:

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Sounds like here >_>;